False Labor Amp Got Sent Home From Hospital

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Amy_mommy - April 10

i'm so upset! i'm due in 2 days! got a really bad contraction last night! 5 minutes apart for 5 friggin hours! so, i thought this is it, and i admit myself to the hospital.......i also had these thick brownish discharge, too. when i got to the hospital, the examined me & i was even dilated at all & contractions were friggin small as h__l compared to last night.......... anyone got sent home??????????????


LoriAnn2994 - April 10

I was sent home 3 times with my last. It makes you mad as hell. Especially when the MD sends you there first. Are you dilated. I was told that they would not keep you unless you were 4cm dilated or your water had broke. I feel your pain.


Amy_mommy - April 10

nope, not dilated at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


julieB - April 14

on March 14 I was sent home even though my contractions were 2-7 minutes apart and 2 cm. dialated.. on March 15 I was sent home again even though I was now 3 cm. dialated.. and still contracting.. how miserable .. even with the walking.. one the 16.. I was in agony.. I was finally 6 cm. and got an epidural and within minutes I was 9.5 cm. dialated.. go figure. my body just needed to relax without the pain... I gave birth 1 and half hour later... good luck ladies..


Emily - April 14

I wnet in with labor pains iofve minutes apart and had brownish discharge. (mucus plug) I was dilated like 1-2 cm and not efaced at all so they sent me home. my labor pains also subsied a bit. I went back in 24 hours later with pains 15 minutes apart, they were getting so strong I couldn't handle the pain anymore but were not any closer together. I had my baby within 3 days of losing my mucus plug..sdo you are getting close...


meme - April 14

"...if the contractions don't get longer, stronger, and closer together and cause your cervix to dilate progressively, then what you're feeling is probably so-called 'false labor.'"



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