False Labour When Become Real Labour

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lisa - October 24

im so sick of this false labour c__p, its stoping me sleeping and mentally doing my head in, i had it last sun night badly and on and off since last night too, im 2 days overdue got back ache, very irregular contractions and really p___sed off, midwifes wont sweep and ive tried every remedy in the book, please tell me how ill ever get to real labour


Maraen - October 24

why wont your midwife sweep the membranes? I would demand that she does especially since you are overdue now. The only thing I can recommend is to walk, and when the contractions start coming and hurting....keep on going.


theresa - October 24

You can try to eat alot of seafood like shrimps, crab legs and other seafood. Try to have half of a teaspoon of castrol oil. I had my sister do that one night. She was a week or so over due and soon when I cooked up some shrimps and mussels and gave her that half teaspoon of castrol oil at 7pm. At 11pm her stomach started cramping she had to go to the bathroom but after that the contractions started coming at 12am at night. she had the baby at 7am in the morning. For first child and at the age of 18 I think that worked but each body is different. So good luck!


lisa - October 24

the only shop in town that used to stock castor oil doesnt anymore, im getting stripped tommorow afternoon. my contractions keep comming at night and im alwaysin two minds try sleep or walk around? ive tried castr oil a weeks ago and just diorreha, i just hope it will suddenly happen or the membrane strip will work. im now 3 days over.


theresa - October 24

Well lisa sorry for all the fustation because girl I feel you. I am 34 weeks and ready to have the baby now. If I sit for a long period of time in between my legs, my pelvic and b___t cramps up and I have to get up like an old lady and stand for a hot minute. Well try that seafood and see how that goes if you like seafood. Get alots of it and pig out!! LOL(Especially shrimps)


Alissa - October 24

Be careful with the seafood it has iodine in it and it can really hurt the baby if you get to much of it. I just know this from expereince please be patient also theresa your baby is not done growing with you only being 34 weeks your baby can be really sick I know how you feel im 36 weeks and i want mine out so bad but we have to hang in there. Keep up the good work girls its almost over


lisa - October 25

thanks girls for your replys, i know about the patience thing, but figre my baby has had a full 40 weeks + in there must be ready, im worried its just getting bigger, loosing it vernix and growing more head hair which can graze you on the way out, but mostly im just impatient, i realised yesterday that i feel a failiure also for not producing a baby on my due date (which i know isnt realisetic) but in this hormonal state, thats how i feel. my midwife is going to do a sweep later today so im praying it will work and ill have a baby tonight or tommorow? keep your fingers crossed.


sian - October 25

when i started getting the contractions but not very regular i went for a walk around the block a few times.it started to get quite painful but forced myself to keep walking...trust me, it works!goodluck and let us know how you go,ok.


For Lisa - October 26

Are you two weeks past your due date? If not, you're not overdue. 37-42 weeks is term. That might be why she won't do the sweep. Not to mention, she's a midwife. Try walking and s_x. It will happen, don't worry.


lisa - October 26

yeh thanks, no im 4 days overdue, she gave me a sweep last night, in fact the placenta starts to not be as effective after 41weeks thats why most places induce after 10 days after 40 weeks not 10 days after 42 weeks. its a fact that the risk of still born dramaticly goes up at 42 weeks, why do you think they send all mothers for stress tests at 41 weeks, if it was no probs to wait till 42 weeks they wouldnt waste the nhs money doing it!


Mary - 3 days to dd - October 26

i agree with you Lisa. I actually know of zero deliveries after week 41 (aka week 42). All late babies I know were induced between 40 and 41 weeks. Actually more within week 40 and 41.



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