False Or Early Labour

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DDT - January 20

How do you tell what the difference is between a BH contraction (false labor) and real contractions (early labour)?? This is probably the one million dollar question but for any women out there with kids already...how were you able to tell the difference? On the internet it says: "Contractions can feel like the baby is balling up, or like a tightening across your abdomen. Sometimes they feel like menstrual cramps. You may feel contractions in your lower back or down low in the front. Cramping is particularly common after having s_x, when your bladder is full, when you get up or change position, or for a short time after exercising. The challenge is to distinguish Braxton-Hicks contractions (false labor) from the real thing. It is important to note that the contractions of preterm labor may not be painful." I get BH contractions ALL the time. At least two to three every hr. Sometimes its even hard to distinguish whether its baby "balling" up or a real BH contraction. Sometimes they are painful and sometimes not. I live not even 15mins away from the hospital so I think instead of trying to guess whether its real or not Ill wait till they are so painful that there is no way they can be any but contractions. lol.


Tammy276 - January 21

Braxton hicks contractions will come and go as they please (there is no pattern to them).. I get them all the time too and freak out that I will not be able to distinguish the difference between real labor and BH as some of my BH are very painful with pressure in the back, v____a, cramping and tightening...sometimes it makes me think they are real contractions! My doctor told me that frequency is more important than pain level at this point....obviously if you are having frequency (timeable or more than 5 - 6 in an hour) and pain it is something to be concerned about and call the doctor. WE just talked about this at my last visit. She said the frequency is what actually dialates you, not the pain level...so even if you are having painless contractions and can time them or are more than 5 - 6 in an hour, you should call your doctor or go straight to the hospital...She said if they are just painful every once in a while and you are getting less than that in an hour, then it is nothing to worry about. But is is possible to be in labor and not feel the first contractions (which is why a lot of woman go into preterm labor and don't know it and are dialated early)...Also, braxton hicks contractions will go away or get better if you get up and walk around or change positions. If you are having a real contractions, these things will not make it better and will probably make it more painful......hope this helped some :)


PrincessesMom - January 21

Everyone experiences labor differntly, so it would be difficult to tell you a clear cut sign. I do have a neat little trick to distinguish the real thing from BH. If your get into very warm bath, BH will start to back off and go away. If it is the really thing, they will intensify. My Dr. told me this little trick because my BH were so bad I couldn't sleep. The warm water took them away everytime, until the morning my daugher was born. I hope this helps!


Tammy276 - January 21

I wish that trick worked for me! I take baths all the time and I still get BH when I am in the tub :(


DDT - January 21

Thanks for the info ladies!! I guess its all about timing the contractions then...well, I know mine do not have any pattern to them so I have nothing to worry about as of yet...I guess I will have to go out and buy a watch with hands...all the clocks around our place are digital...I don't own a watch because I tend to lose them or break them...hopefully my water just breaks...that way I'll know something is happening...my mom has four kids and her water broke before contractions started with all of us...but then again who says any of this is hereditary...


cyclemom - January 21

These answers have helped me a lot! Last weekend I got a really bad case of the flu and ended up in the hospital for two days because I got so dehydrated. My contractions were about 2 1/2 minutes apart initially, but by the time I left the hospital they were more like 15-20 minutes. This entire week I've had what I a__sume are Braxton Hicks, because I haven't had my baby yet. . .but I get them anywhere from 4-15 mintues apart. Only about half of them are painful; the others just feel really tight. I've been like this for 8 days now and can't wait to find out if I am dialated any more. I find out tomorrow! I'm almost 37 weeks, so I want my baby boy to stay put for a couple more weeks, but these contractions are getting really uncomfortable. The painful ones wake me up every 20-30 minutes at night and they always get worse when I stand up or walk. Who knows whats going on. Good luck with all of you ladies!!


maryl14 - January 21

with my son who i had on dec31st i had braxton hicks that would start and stop and felt like LIGHT period cramps but were irregular then at 12:ooam onthe 31 st my contractino started but i thought they were going to just taper off once i lied down like usual but they didn't they only got stronger and more regular and i couldn't walk stand or talk though them they felt like he was curling into a ball in my back and pushing with all his forse downward hopefull this is helpful



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