Father Delivering The Baby

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Sindel - June 26

My fiance called from work today and asked what I was up too.. I told him that I was making a list of all the things I'm gonna take to the hospital. He then mentioned if he could deliver the baby. I had never heard of this and thought he was joking. But he wasnt and said he has heard of it before. I was wondering if anyone here has heard of it or let their hubbies deliver. I would assume that he wouldnt actually do the work of a midwife etc but maybe be the first to hold the baby?.. dunno..Of course if he is serious we will speak to the doctor.. but our appt isnt until wed. Anyone know?


Jbear - June 26

I think the baby's father can cut the cord, if he wants to, at least at some hospitals. It's great that he wants to be involved. Babies are really slippery when wet, even with water from the bath, so considering how much stuff they're covered with when they first come out, I'd be afraid to let my husband be the first to hold the baby, for fear the baby would slip out of his hands and fall.


anne - June 26

my husband will be delivering the baby along with a midwife and a__sistant. many men are doing it.


playitagainsam - June 26

My husband will be catching our baby. We are planning a home birth with a birth-in-water option, so our midwife is pretty flexible. There's no good reason your partner (a__suming he's healthy) shouldn't be the first person to touch your child. I think it's wonderful that he wants to be so involved!


Katharine - June 26

My hubby caught our first baby and I a__sume he'll catch the next. It caught him a little off guard when the dr asked because we had never heard of that before the birth. And, they had to find big enough gloves!


Winter - June 27

My husband asked my dr. if it was okay for him to a__sist in the delivery. He is so siked about it.


Shelly - June 27

I envy you guys!!!!! Ilove my hubby, but I think he will be really worthless while I'm in labor.He sucks whwn there is an emergency. Besides he was extremely excited whwn we just found out that we were pregnant,lately I have to drag him into it.Pffffffff men!!!



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