Favorite Baby Shower Games

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Tracy88 - February 24

My shower is March 31st and I want to make sure that everybody has a good time and intermingles, since the group will be a very ecclectic mix of women. Any suggestions that you had fun with?


missycc4 - February 24

At my baby shower we had the clothes pin game. everyone there had a different name like bottle,labor and you had to call them by that name or you would lose a clothes pin if you called them by there real name or you couldn't say the word baby or you would lose a pin you could play it either way. The memory game. you take baby items and place them on a tray then you have the women look at it for about 5 sec then write down everything they remember ,who ever get the most wins a gift. There was a cotton ball game but thought it was stupid. you take a bowl of cotton ball and blind fold the person and then throw the ball over your shourlder and again who ever get the most over wins. The only thing is the bowl can't leave your lap and you have to use a spoon. The TP game is were you take Tp and they have to guess how many squares it takes to wrap around you again who ever gets the closes wins a gift. The baby food game. you take baby food and put the food into unmaked jars and they have to guess the flavor. another game is how fast can you diaper and clothe a baby. hope this helps. Theres more but I just can't think of more. maybe if you look online to see what else they have or a book store might be able to help.


missycc4 - February 24

about the TP game they have to guess first be4 they put the Tp around you and everyone had to have there squares. then go around the room to see who is close


Tracy88 - February 24

Thank you missy!!! I have been looking online, but also wanted to ask others what they enjoyed because nothing beats personal experience!


Val - February 24

hi Tracy... I've done the baby food game and it was fun. We put little dabs of each flavor on a paper plate with a number by each one. Then everyone had a sheet of paper with numbers and had to write their guesses down. Also, another variation for the "tp"/measurement game is to use yarn - people have to guess how much yarn it takes to go around the belly.


Tara B - February 24

At my 1st baby shower there were three games that they played: Clothes pin game where everyone starts out with 1-2 clothes pins and has to NOT cross there legs. If they do and someone sees then that person keeps there pins and the person with the most at the end of the shower wins, They measured my belly with yarn, but I have to say the most fun was the diaper game. They got 6 different kinds of candy bars and melted them in the diapers. Everyone had to write down which candy bar they thought it was. It was really funny pa__sing these diapers around that looked like they had poop in them and everyone was smelling them.


crystal74 - February 24

my mom did a cute one at my party for me. she froze little plastic babies in ice cubes then pa__sed them out to all the guests and the first one to have their baby floating freely in the gla__s yeld out, my water broke. and i like the dirty diaper one


Tracy88 - February 24

You all are awesome. Thanks for the ideas. Keep em comin'!!! I saw the poopie diaper one on TV the other day and thought that was really cute because you do look and feel silly sniffing and tasting what appears to be poop! This is going to be so much fun!


redhead125 - February 26

Skip the games and have plenty of excellent food and wine/champagne. Most people don't actually enjoy the games--they'd just rather eat, drink and watch you open gifts. Just curious--why are you involved with the planning of your shower? Shouldn't the host worry about this--your job is to just show up looking pretty!


ejmeskan - February 26

Tracy- have you ever played the dirty diaper game? It is where you melt a piece of candy bar in the diaper and then have people guess the candy bar- it is nasty but hilarious!


Tracy88 - February 28

Redhead, my little sister is in charge of games, but she just had back surgery, so I am trying to take some of the burden off of her. And my SIL, the other hostess, is doing everything else, so I don't want her to have to do everything by herself. She is busy and has three kids, whereas I have nothing but time on my hands and actually enjoy the thought of coming up with the games. EJ....I am definitely going to have them do the poopie diaper game. I just think it's funny. I was also concerned mostly with doing ice breakers, so the guests would intermingle and just enjoy meeting each other, etc.... rather than necessarily playing tons of games. I am going to have a big group there, so I thought if they spoke to each other that would be nice!


savy - February 28

Tracy, I'm having a co-ed baby shower, so the games I'm having are very limited because I think the guys are not really into that stuff. I am having a trivia game, where I wrote about 15 questions about me and my bf and whoever answers the most questions, wins a gift card. Or a fortune cookie type game where every guest gets a rattle with a fortune in it, and whoever gets a certain fortune wins a prize.


jessica72 - February 28

This one is fun, but messy...so be warned. You get two partners. One holds the spoon and babyfood and is blindfolded and they have to blindly try to feed the babyfood to their partner. The one that manages to get most of the jar in the person's mouth rather than on their clothes (or plastic raincoat) in the time alloted wins. Another one we played was to take the two names of the mom and dad and have people use the letters of those names to create fun and unique baby names. They had to be realistic-ish, but it was fun trying to come up with as many names as possible.


LinsTwin - February 28

Tracy, I'm helping out my friends, too. They both have 3 kids & their own businesses, so I actually made my own invitations! I did the poopy diaper game for a friend's shower, and it's a lot harder than you think, especially if you throw in a couple obscure candy bars, like a 100 grand bar or Whatchamacallit. And I LOVE the baby in an ice cube game! What a cute idea!


d - February 28

tracy I have got to laugh. My shower still didn't get here yet. I am going nuts. I am never going to be ready... Guess the size of the mammas belly... What time will the ice melt.. (baby born) Baby Bingo..


Rachel - March 2

Well, my baby shower is in a week and I'm so unprepared for it lol. I came up with a fun game to play, I don't know how well its going to turn out, but I have a 1 year old and everybody is going to have a sticker that says "Big Brother" and everybody has to chase him around and whoever gets it on his little b___t first wins!


jacquilyn - March 4

i thnk a really good couple of games of pa__s the parcel does just fine and then just get back to chatting and the food and drink.



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