Favorite Fast Food

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Deb - February 11

Hey !! Just curious to see what everybodys favorite fast food or place to eat out is and what they get there!! I love swiss chalet with the chicken and rice and baked potatoe!! YUMMY and there gravy!! haha Anyone else? By the way im 28 + weeks now! :)


kiddolebel - February 11

Chick Fil A!!! Heck yeah, lol. Or even better Hooters hot wings, yum. Ill be 25 weeks monday =)


sye - February 11

panda express


Tess - February 12

I love KK cooler, Arby's Market fresh sandwich, Mckiddie's hot fudge sundae, BK's onion rings and chicken fries. :D


carola - February 12

i cant get enough mexican food. taco cabana has been a must have for the past 4 months. (38 weeks)


KLC - February 13

I'm 32 weeks and I can't get enough chicken chow mein with pork fried rice...YUM!


Marlene - February 13

Dominos pizza...I order two-three plain pies every weekend. By time I have this baby I'm going to be sick of it!!! I'm 34 +weeks


mel - February 13

Arby's Rueben sandwiches. mmmmm


karen - February 13

Chipotle!!! I eat there at least once a week. I always get the vegetarian burrito. Also Subway or Chick fil A, but that's it for fast food. I'll be 30 weeks this week.


Girl Gilly - February 13

I love Taco Time's veggie burrito. I used to have them about 2-3 times per month but since being pregnant I have only had 3 total. I miss them sooooo much, but the beans make me feel very sick so I have stayed away. As a rule I do not eat at McDonald's but lately I have been craving their ice cream things that are like blizzards - can't think of the name.....but mmm they're tasty!


Ba8y6irl - February 14

Pizza Pizza Garlic Sticks with Cheese!! or McDonalds fries...


Lisa - February 14

Bojangles !! I love their chicken supreme dinner with seasoned fries!! and I have to dip my chicken fingers in BBQ sauce. Yumm!!


Jane - February 14

I love fudruckers hamburgers and fries!



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