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treshala - March 2

Ok i dont think its anyone left but K8 and Jenice (which your being unduced 2mrrow...and im technically due in March anyway...but wth...lol. i know the previous Feb. moms will be back to check up on us. JENN still waiting on birth story :-) Meg, Sarah, Steph, Rifqah...hope you are well. Evelyn hope to hear from you soon.


tynadu - March 3

ok so this is the new feb. post. I hope everyone is doing well!


treshala - March 3

Yes Tynadu...this is the new one since Jen isnt here to start one i had to :-) Are you still preggo? Well Jenice was induced this morning and Evelyn is being induced tomorrow morning ( she cant post on here) which she really doesnt want to be though...she wants labor to start naturally. K8...im not sure if she has an induction date yet but shes over due a few days and is very cranky. Me...im not due until March 15 BUT...lol. i wish i was having some type of progress to let me know i would be having him soon...NOT. How are you?


swollenangel - March 3

Hey Shala! Thanx 4the new thread...i cudnt load the other thread past 20th feb,so im totally out of the loop! & the feb thread at infant care seems 2 hav died out somehow! Its almost ur turn...the countdown begins! 12 days til ur EDD! Jehaan is doin well this side-cant believ she wil b 3wks this week alrdy-time sure flies by! im glad to finally say my st_tches are healing so thats not so painful anymore! such a pain in the whooha (literally)! Lol! Jenice & Evelyn hope the inductions goes well-how exciting!


treshala - March 3

Yes Rifqah I am counting down but it seems as though the days are getting longer. And i havent had any type of progress. Its so frustrating. Im glad you and Jehaan are doing well. i bet you see her change everyday :-) Im happy for you. Meg posted on the old feb forum. I cant wait to hear Jen's birth story...i havent heard from her since birth of Aaliyah...she may be tired and busy.


swollenangel - March 4

Ah,i remember those long last days of being preg...those seem endless! Hang in there...they do end...eventually! and then u dont even remember them...i hardly remember bein preg-my only reminders being the pics we took then & of course holding Jehaan now! Wat happ wit Jenn? I totally missed out wit the last thread :( anyway,seems its feeding time again... Enjoy


treshala - March 4

Rifqah...i hope they do go by...11 days left to go. Jenn had Aaliyah on the 26th if im not mistaking. she hasnt posted her birth story yet...everyone is waiting on her birth story. Im glad that you are enjoying your bundle. My b/f stays in Dallas and i have been aggravated with him lately...but i think its cause im a little emo...??? i dunno...well im glad someone stopped in to check on me. Meg~ Im sorry that you are in that horrid situation. i know how it is when you have elders always telling you are doing wrong but NEVER what you are doing right...and then they act like they need to call cps or something if you do one thing that they think is wrong. i think you should talk to james and let him know that you seriously dont appreciate the way his mom is so that he can talk to her...and that you DONT want to stay that close to her. I know thats a hard situation though cause you live there. thats when men need to step in there place. Demond told me today that when he got home last night that his mom had cleaned his entire apt and how happy he was...and i just got PISSED cause when i was sick and pregnant staying up there i cleaned his whole apt and cooked before he got off a few times and he never showed appreciation like that...i know i was being over sensitive...BUT my point...its something about men and there freaking mothers....(i cant say too much since im having a son lol) I hope it gets better for you


ejg1987 - March 4

Heyyy guys well im in the hospital right now as we speak lol im on my friends sidekick. They started me on pitocin about half an hour ago and so far im not really feeling to much crossing fingers. Im 2 cms dialated and 70 percent effaced and they said as soon as I get to 4 cms I can get an epidural which im definately gonna do hopefully i ll make it those 2 cms without it being too bad.


jenice - March 4

Hey ladies! Well...I'll keep this short. We went in to the hospital Sat. morning at 6:00 with my contractions every 5-6 mins. When they checked to see how far along I was my water broke. (I was 3 cms.) By 11:30 we were at 6-7 cms (they'd given me demoral because my blood pressure was way too high, but it didn't help with pain at all!), and they gave me an epidural. (Took 3 tries...my belly was too big for me to curve my spine enough!) I was feeling really good until 3:30 when the nurses told me to start pushing. (I could feel pressure and tightening, but no pain during contractions.) Started pushing, and baby's head moved pretty quickly down. My OB was the OB on call, and he was doing a c-section when I started pushing. By the time he came, I was halfway there, and basically was too late to do an emerg. c-section. (Umbillical cord was wrapped around the neck, and they really had to wrench on the head and neck to be able to cut it...the face was blue.) I had no idea of what was happening. The OB had to do an episiotomy. ouch.) The shoulders were stuck and the pulling they had to do made my OB worried about damage to baby. But, it's over! My baby is out, safe and sound, with no damage! I on the other hand, am hurting like crazy! But I only had to push for an hour and 15 mins. And my baby is perfect! IT'S A GIRL!!!! Alliana Katrine was born at 4:39 pm Sat. March 1. They told me to not have another baby v____ally, as I have an awful pelvis for it! lol. She was 8lbs 14oz. I think at that size most women have awful pelvises! Anyways, she's wonderful....that's my bit for now. Talk to you all later, and good luck to those of you left!


treshala - March 4

Jamie glad to hear from you...i thought you had had lo by now. and Jenice I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU...CONGRATS and i would like to see some pics...


ejg1987 - March 5

Hey guys I posted on the old feb thread by accident but ill post this again...so im still pregnant. They started me on pitocin around 10 am yesterday and kept upping the dose throughout the day and I was 2 cms to start out and by around 5 pm I was still 2 cms and hardly feeling contractions and the baby hadn't even dropped yet so thr dr said he could break my water to see if it made things progress but if not I would end up needing a c section or I could go home and try again another day. So I stayed on the pitocin for another hour on the highest dose and the contractions started picking up but then started spacing out and I was still 2 cms. I ended up talking to the nurse who was very nice bc I didn't know what to do and she said that if I have my heart set on a v____al delivery there was no need to rush things bc the baby isn't in any danger and is doing great and im only 5 days past my due date so if I went home things might start on there own even so I decided to go home because nothing else was making things progress so who knows if breaking my water would have. So I have a dr appointment fri so I think Im gonna wait and see if things happen naturally and if they don't get induced again around 42 weeks. I was just so upset bc I felt like a failure. I didn't even know there was a chance that the induction wouldn't work because I had never heard of that happening I always just heard of people getting pitocin and there contractions getting unbearable right away and here I was on the highest dose 7 hours later and was barely feeling anything. Im just really disappointed...


treshala - March 5

Jamie...i think i would be PISSED lol i completely understand your frustration. It really is a waiting game for you. i have 10 days and i feel like im going crazy...my appt is tomorrow and they will do another internal and check position of baby...i dont think that i will have any progress though...we will see


swollenangel - March 6

Congrats Jenice! Wat a big little girl...8lbs! Wow! also had an episiotomy & Jehaan was only 6lbs..i got 12st_tches (theyr the worst!)... Ur a brave woman! Jaime-so sorry abt wat happ wit u...same thing happ here! I was induced thrice wit literally no progress even after they broke my water i wasnt really getting contractions,but somehow they managed 2get her out same day! Good luck! Im sure itl happen 4u anyday now! Shala-wow! Just a few days left...how u feeling mamma? Just 2 more feb mammas to go! GL :-)


treshala - March 6

RIFQAH...its good to hear from you...how are you and Jehaan? i hope well. Im dialated to 1cm/-4 gestation/50% effaced...i was glad to hear some thing though lol. JENN~ im starting to worry a little now? I hope you are well and i havent forgotten about you. EVELYN forgive my name screw up :P


K8 - March 6

Congratulations Jenice! So exciting to finally meet them isnt it? I had my baby on Tuesday morning.....my established labour started around 4.30am and Hayden Luke was born at 6.24am!!!!! VERY FAST INDEED!!!! He was soooo huge - 9 pound 5 ounces! and there was no time for any pain relief - it was the most full on two hours of my life! Treshala, hope your time isnt too far away, i didnt have any signs that labour was about to start, it just came out of nowhere so dont worry if it feels like it will never happen....your baby will be in your arms before you know it :) I will post photos and birth storyon my website kateaaron.piczo.com and the pa__sword is cherubcheeks Will check in soon to see how you going Treshala


bipolarmommy - March 7

Congrats Jenice! and Congrats to you too Shala!! Believe me i understand the frustration with men and there moms..Sorry i havent ben on ladies, we are getting ready for the bike rally coming up this sunday.. i m working there with my MIL and my dad and uncles are riding in it.. i cant wait to ride again..lol so ive been makin patches and designing maternity and infant clothes and diaper bags---i love that. well im gonna go over to infant care and see whats happened over there!! btw rifqah..hows your little jehaan? good i hope!


swollenangel - March 7

Shala-we both doin great! Jehaan is starting 2sleep longer at night,which is great...she even slept thru wed night-i however didnt get much sleep that night,cos i kept waking up to check if shes stil ok! Lol! Either way IM not sleeping thru the night! And yay 4u making sum progress...just means ur that much closer! Evelyn-seems i made the same mistake as Shala wit ur name...sorry :p congrats again! Kate-congrats on ur lil man...wat a big boy! Very quick delivery indeed-awesome! Wish i cud check out ur pics!



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