FEB MOMS Part 10

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Melissa - ON Can - February 9

Hi everyone, Its very early in the mornng but I've been unable to sleep. Up most of the night... not labour, just can't sleep. I have my apt with the doc today... hoping for news to say that I'm progressing b/c I'm so exhausted. My legs are on FIRE... anyone else? Ld, goodluck with your apt today... hope all goes well. If we don't hear from you... we'll assume that you've been induced I guess. I'm going to try and get some more rest... just ate some cereal... maybe that'll help??? Check in later.


bethany - February 9

hey im 38 weekz and im havinq pain near the vaqina and on the bottom of my uterus ... im havinq contractions but they dont hurt that bad ! i dont want to qo to the hospital because they are really iqnorant and i dont want to deal with them if im not really in labor. i have been losinq my mucus pluq and i had a bloody show yesterday and the day before. i just dont know what to do i cant wait any lonqer my boyfriend leaves in exactly 1 week for job traininq im so stressed =( i was due the 27th now they are tellinq me the 25th. i've qained over 60 lbs. and im a tiny qirl im really uncomfortable. could i be in labor ?? my obgyn is not very informative i quess because im a teen mom she doesnt really care about my pregnancy so im trying to seek help from others ...


Matyson - February 9

i will be 39 weeks preg on monday and i have been having BH contractions all day for the past 3 days. they range anywhere from 3 min to 30 min between and they don't hurt. they feel like light menstral cramps and i can also feel my heart rate go up.. i was just wondering if this was normal and if maybe labor is getting close- any ideas? thanks


Mandi - February 9

MY BIRTH STORY --- I was having contractions for two days before finally submitting to going to the hospital. I thought I might be leaking fluid, but I had been pa__sing that d__ned plug for over two days so I wasn't completely sure. I went to the hospital expecting to be sent home (another false alarm)....but the check my cervical fluids and I tested POSITIVE for amniotic fluid. I was admitted to the hospital on February 3rd around 6 PM. I labored irregularly until around midnight....they gave me some meds to help me sleep. At 12:45 AM they started the pitocin. I labored well until about 5AM or so, then the contractions got so intense that they checked and I had progressed from barely 2 and 50% to a full 4 and 90% effaced. I was so excited....but exhausted and they suggested I have the epidural. I had the epidural and finally got some well needed rest after almost three days without sleep. I was checked again after three hours of sleep and pit drip....no progress. The doctor had me sign a waiver at that time for a c-section. If I reached a point where I did not progress any further then they would have to perform a c-section. After I was checked, the baby's heartrate dropped as a result of my blood pressure dropping to 80/45 (his HR to less than 100). They administered epinephrine....and inserted an internal lead on the baby's head. I was doing just fine....checked about 3 hours later and PROGRESS but only to about 5. I remained at 5 for HOURS!!! Finally around noon the next day I was dialated to about 7. She checked me at 3 or so and I was now up to 8. I continued to labor, but by now the epi had worn off (had been fading since before 2). They gave me another bolous of medication, but it didn't help. So I labored with no epi....they still had the catheter inserted in my back....but it wasn't doing any good. She checked me at around 5:30 PM and the baby was at 8 cm, 90% and +1 station....he was coming, but I stopped dialating!!!! GREAT!!!! I was in the most EXCRUTIATING pain of my entire life.....my back was hurting so BAD.....and their was nothing they could do about it (for the time being). I was off for an emergency c-section. I arrived at the operating room around 6 PM....and the anestaesiologist had not yet arrived. When he did, he administered one boluous....they checked for PAIN.....YES.....he administered another....checked for pain with what felt like a scalpel.....pain???......YES!!!!!!!! Well, you are going to have to go under for the c-sec. I started to fell my chest close up.....I CAN'T BREATHE.....YES YOU CAN.....CAN'T.....your going to go to sleep now.....NURSE (I have to grab your throat)....I just remember telling them I was Afraid!!! Woke up at 10:00 PM.....Brandon had been born at 6:30 PM.....6 pounds 5 ounces and 20 inches long (wow!!! at almost 5 days overdue!!! what a little man!!!). I found out in recovery that I had been put under and WASN'T breathing like I had suspected. I had stopped breathing....needed to be intubated (which is precaution for this type of c-sec anyway) and I was hooked up to a ventilator....Shawn wasn't even allowed in the room. They had a hard time bringing me back from the anesth. I did eventually come too....but my oxygen and BP was extremely low. I was on oxygen for the next entire day....morphine for the pain. I never saw Brandon until 2 AM and then for only 2 minutes. I finally got to hold him after 36 hours. He is the best thing to ever happen to me!!! I cry myself to sleep just thinking about him.


bethany - February 9

awww =) im so upset all that u went throuqh but youre a soldier and im proud. thas terrible u didnt qet to see him for so lonq ! >:O but im having contractions they havnt let up but they dont hurt that bad ! i dont know if this is true labor =0 grr


shyeli619 - February 15

hey i had my daughter eliana sophia on february 3rd, the day of my last post and dr's appt and internal exam. By 3 pm on thursday the day of my appt, i started feeling my contractions, at first i thought they were cramps that would go away but then they continued every 5 minutes. I considered them mild but found it strange that they were coming every 5 minutes and would not stop. I guess i labored all day at home, i watched dancing with the stars in pain. I was up all night with the contractions until 1:30 am on friday when my water broke. We got to the hospital at 2:00 got my epidural by 3:30, and started pushing by 11:00 am. She was born at 12:06 on Friday the 3rd. This is my first baby so the pushing part was very hard for me. It took an hour, but ther say that is pretty good for a first timer. Today my daughter and i are doing well. I suffered from a strained neck and spasms that were excruciatingly painful. So my advice to you is is if you pain upon leaving the hospital make sure you leave with pain relievers, the good kind. They only gave me motrin and tylenol so the next day i had to see my ob for a muscle relaxant. I have to say there are pros and cons to the epidural, i think it made it very hard for me to push because i could hardly feel my contractions. well i hope you ladies have your little ones soon, and that you have a good experience. It truly is hard labor but it is well worth it!


lmrod55 - February 15

Mandi! I am so sorry to hear about your labor story...that sounds so frightening - but it sounds like you handled it like a champ and now you have little Brandon! A number of us ladies are still on the other Feb. part 10 thread...so check in there when you get a chance! We need to keep in touch so we can meet up when you come to AZ!! -Lena



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