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MB - January 27

Hi All, now its near the end of Jan, its out turn !!! cant believe it is here already , i am due on 17th feb and feel so ready but at the same time i dont ! I havent even got my stroller or car seat yet. Our parents are flying out on feb 14th to stay with us for a month and have told me to 'wait' till they get here, but i kind of wish he would come early as this waiting is killing me !!! I am 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced so slowly something is happening !!!! Anyway good luck to the rest of the Jan moms and i hope us feb moms all have good labours and happy healthy babies !!!


tritty - January 27

it is hard to believe that the time has come already, but soooo exciting. the past few days i've had a few little breakdowns because i'm getting really nervous about labor and delivery! i just need to keep reminding myself that a million other people have done this before me. i was originally due feb 8th but they're inducing me on wed (jan 31st). hopefully i'll have her that day instead of having a forever long labor and delivering on feb 1st. oh well, we shall see soon enough how it all works out. good luck to you!


MB - January 27

Good luck tritty, i hope to see your 'birth announcement' on here soon.


shannon5980 - January 27

Hello I am due on feb 10. I am 2 centimeters dilated and cant wait to see my little girl. I am hoping I go into labor early. Good luck to you.


juju - January 27

trity, im right there with you girl, im being induced on monday, exciting.


Carly XxX - January 27

hey. im due feb 15th. havent got a clue if im dilated at all yet. does your midwife tell you that? they dont tell me anything! im really excited but im starting to get really nervous as well, not so much about labour but just worrying that my little girl will be healthy. hope everyone is ok.


blondie4104 - January 27

Hi! I'm due feb. 14! Only 3 weeks away! As you may have read from my other post, I'm 1 cm dialated and 70% effaced. I'm not really to worried about waiting though, b/c I'm kinda scared of the whole labor/helpless newborn to take care of! It's going to be scary but I'll be happy when my little baby is here :o)


DDT - January 27

Hi, I am due 18th Feb with a boy. Everything has been going great this pregnancy that I am quite content to wait it out till the end. I am also a bit nervous about having a helpless little baby to take care of! I don't know how dilated or effaced I am because my doc hasn't checked me yet (probably will at my next visit on Tues). Yesterday I was leaking some watery fluid. I am not sure if it was my waters or a lot of watery discharge because it soaked my undies completely in a gush. I am going to the hospital today to get it checked out but my bet is that it is discharge. I haven't had any regular contractions and the last "gush" I felt was last night at 6pm. Its 10am now and nothing.


mamagoose - January 28

Hi everyone, I hope you don't mind me budging in... I'm due January 31, but the way things are looking, I'm on the fast track to becoming a February mom! If I haven't gone into labour on my own, they'll induce me around February 9th (10 days after my due date).


crystal74 - January 28

oooh, how exciting for all of us. i still have 4 weeks 4 days left. i'm due on the 28th but i am so big. everybody keeps telling me how big i am and asking me if i'm having twins. but my dr. tells me that i'm normal, well this was at my last appt amonth ago. but seriously i am so much bigger than women who are due way before me, IS THIS NORMAL??? COULD IT BE ALL WATER OR WHAT? i am so scared that he is not going to fit down in my pelvis and he will get stuck.


DDT - January 28

Well, I am in excuriating backpain right now. I can't even walk..it feels like my legs are going to give way. I am having BH's almost non-stop. No pattern to them though. And something is definetly happening in the nether region because whenever I get a BH it feels like a wave that moves from my belly to my cervix area...it feels tingly. OUCH! I am going to bed and hopefully it will have gotten better by tomorrow. I went to get registered tonight and got a tour of the Maternity ward. It was really nice. I loved it. There were twins born at 35wks that were absolutely tiny and precious! Good luck tritty!! I hope you have a fairly short (but not too short) labour. And juju...good luck...you'll be seeing your little one very soon. mamagoose: Hopefully you go on your own before your induction date...such a long time to wait! But baby will some when s/he's good and ready. crystal74: You could be carrying more water or having a bigger baby. Also everyone carries differently. Argh (my back!)..good night all!



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