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kades_momma - January 31

Well here officially in a few hours it will be our month! I'm so excited yet so nervous.About labor that is. I can't wait to share all of our birth stories, all though I believe we will be hearing from dedaa first, Good luck dedaa!! I have a doctors appointment tomorrow, so I will let you all know if there is any changes. How many days do you all have till your due date?I have 11 to go. I'm startin to feel so miserable, it feels like my pubic bone is being ripped in half, sorry TMI!Talk to you all tomorrow, hopefully there will be good news!-Kari


mamagoose - January 31

Well, it looks like I will officially be a February mom! My due date was today (Jan 31), but obviously this was meant to be a February baby... it could be any minute that I finally go into labour, I'm hoping sooner rather than later! Please baby, come out now!!!


MommyMeg07 - January 31

UGH! I have 16 days before my due date!! Every time I think of it, I get this feeling of doom and think, "She is so going to come late." I hate that first babies are supposed to come late!! Let's all keep updating about our dr. appts and stuff!! Good luck tomorrow Kari! I had one today, but he isn't going to do a pelvic exam until next weeks appts. (I'll be 38 wks 5 days)


trish2041 - February 1

hey ladies i am actually having my scheduled c-section on friday the 2nd, i know ground hogs day beleive i had no choice the doctor picked my date. anyways this is my first and im offically freaked out. but i just can''t wait to see my baby so wish me luck and i wish all you goodluck with your upcoming births


SistaC - February 1

Hi ladies. I'm due on the 20th Feb, so 19 and a bit days to go for me. All along I've suspected I'd go early, but Murphy's Law will probably intervene and make sure that I go late, just to teach me a lesson. Being at home all day is driving me crazy so I really hope the time can pa__s quickly. Good luck to all!


shannon5980 - February 1

9 days until my due date. I am in the same boat as you kades. I am so excited to see my baby girl yet im so nervous to go through labor again. I am 2 centimeters dilated and my next appointment is the 6th. This is my fourth child so I am hoping this goes quick and easy for me (wishfull thinking).


Kristin11 - February 1

Congrats ladies on being in your month!! I cant wait till i am. I am due in April!! This is my second child. I hope you all have nice easy labors!! MommyMeg07 my daughter was 3 1/2 weeks early so hey you never know sometimes first babies are early.


KimS - February 1

Kari thanks for starting a new post!! good luck at your appt today. I still haven't had an internal, which is okay,my doc doesn't really see the need. Amanda I am sooo excited that they are going to try and fit you in on Friday, I bet you guys are dying finally know the s_x of your little one huh!! trish goodluck with your section on Friday too!!! mamagoose I hope your baby comes soon!!!! I have 13 days to my due date. I was sure this baby was going to come in January, he has been measuring 2 weeks ahead since 13 wks!! but I guess he's just a big baby!! I had packed a bag a couple of weeks ago with 1 outfit for him for a small baby and one for a little bigger, I think I can officially take out the small one. My u/s on Monday estimated him at 7lbs 13 oz, my doc said they are usually plus or minus 1 lb and my uterus is measuring 42 wks!!! yikes. Anyways bp is still up, last night was 150/100, going to check it again this morning and see what it is!! Anyways good luck everyone I can't wait to start reading all of the birth stories!!!! Kim


dedaa - February 1

Hey girlies! Well tommorrow is suppose to be my big day. Could not sleep at all last night. SO today I have my day jampacked so that I can hopefully get some sleep tonight. Im am getting so excited to finally find out if im having a boy or a girl. Dh and I are up in arms about the names we have chosen now. We dont want them so we went to buy a name book yesterday so we could have a few names chosen and decide once we see our little ones face. Im getting after my mom to relax so that she can be all prepared for tommorrow. I cant wait till 7:30 tommorrow to find out if I can go in hopefully It wont be a problem. Im getting some tired of all the BH's. Kari-so close now. KimS- We cannot wait to find out finally after 9 months what we are having. Dh is super excited that at least he will get a day with his baby before he cant see it for another month. I feel bad for him. I cannot imagine just having a baby and then having to miss out on the very first month of everything. Mamagoose- Hope your baby comes soon. Its hard when everyone keeps asking you if your little one has come yet. Well gotta go for now!!! Talk to you all later today! Amanda


MaryRoco - February 1

I've got about a week and a half to go! My last work day is supposed to be Feb 9th. The last 3 doctor's visits, I've progressed in dilation and effacement. Now at 3cm, 70% effaced. The doctor said she doesn't believe I'll go over my due date, which was great to hear! Of course then I ask, "Will it be sooner?" knowing they can't really tell me that for sure. A guy I work with and a good friend both told me yesterday they had premonition dreams that I had the baby early. I ate it up! Hey, I'll buy into the wishful thinking at this point. I'm huge and hurt and am ready for this little monster to come out! My husband and I are really excited...he keeps text messaging me..."Has the baby fallen out yet?" Good times. I hope to read birth stories on this forum soon! Those are really great. I wish everyone fast and easy births!!


ILOVEMYBABY - February 1

Well, I guess my spot as a January mom turned into a February mom. I was due January 29, but I guess the baby wanted to be a February baby. Hopefully I'll have this baby soon, if not on Wednesday I'm getting induced.


mamagoose - February 1

Ever since I found out my due date was Jan 31, I was kind of hoping I'd have the baby on Feb 1, because we have so many people in my family born on the first of the month! It's 9:35 AM Pacific time now, so I wonder if I could magically go into labour soon and manage to deliver in the next 14.5 hours, LOL! Unfortunately, I don't really feel it happening today... dedaa, you must be so excited, your big day is almost here! (I'm so jealous, LOL!)


kades_momma - February 1

Just wanted to let you all know my doctor says I am a good 2-3 centimeters dilated. She did the membrane sweep, and I must be a wuss it hurt like hell! I have cramps really bad now. Hope you all are doing good!-Kari


dedaa - February 1

Hey ladies! Man im getting anxious cannot wait to get up tommorrow. I think I have been successful at tiring myself out. Im going to a movie with dh this evening to have a little date before dh goes away. Well I will probably write when i come back unless im pa__sing out. LOL Amanda


lilnikki_0384 - February 1

I am due this Sunday, I went to the doc today and he did not check to see if I was more dilated than 2 cm. I was bummed out. He was really busy today, I hate when the docs are busy and rush through the visits. Good luck to all !!!!!


DDT - February 1

Hullo everyone...its finally Feb!! I am due in 17days....I think my baby will decide to come late anyway (just have a feeling). My BH contractions have slowed down over the last 2-3days. Still having alot of watery CM. Can't sleep without waking up at least 5-6 times a night (thank goodness tomorrow is my last day at work). I have a lot of pressure in the pelvic area (feels like I gotta poo and pee all the time lol). It hurts to get up from sitting to standing. My last visit on Tues doc estimated weight of baby to be around 7lbs at birth. He is head-down, engaged and laying with his back anterior on my left side. My bp was still good as always at 120/70 and baby's heart rate was 150bpm. I won't be checked for dilation or effacement until I go over my due date, which sux because I would like to know if I'm making any progress whatsoever. I feel like I'm getting bigger every day...he's getting heavy!! GOOD LUCK dedaa!! Submit your birth story asap. Mamagoose: have they swept your membranes yet? hang in there...your baby is just being fashionably late...and Feb is such a good month anyway =o)


MommyMeg07 - February 1

Forgive me, buuut what is sweeping of the membranes? Do all doctors do it?



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