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kades_momma - January 14

Hey dedaa! 28 days till our due date! Well at least I know 28 days or less, since my doctor won't let me go pass my due date. I'm thinkin about asking my doctor if she will go ahead and give my my inducement day, so I will know when it is if I don't go into labor. I have been having menstrual like cramps that hurt in my back and tummy all day long. Feels like I have to go #2. Sorry TMI!! I don't know what the deal is. I'm so ready for this to be over with, I know I say that every day, probably driving ya all nuts. Were gettin a big snow and ice storm here, so It will probably be when I go into labor, when we can't make it to the Hospital. LoL!But Not long to go girls. Hope you all are doing good!_Kari


KimS - January 14

Hey ladies... I can't wait for the baby to come!! my bp was high last night.. 142/97 I woke up at 1:30 am checked it again, it was down a little.. 137/94.. it was normal again in the morning but climbing again tonight if it gets that high again tonight I'm going to call L&D Justine sorry that you haven't been able to b___stfeed, but it sounds like Nicholas is happy and doing well!! Dedaa sorry that you are having to go earlier to NB hopefully it'll be better than you are anticipating!! Kari I've been having period cramps too off and on.. I just wish that I would have some bh contractions, so it would feel like I was progressing, I had a few a week or so ago,but nothing since!! All in good time I know! Is anyone else getting really uncomfortable? my pelvic area is soo sore that I am almost in tears turning over in bed at night.. but sometimes I get sad since I think I am really going to miss feeling him kick me and stuff... anyways, I think it'll hit me tomorrow that I am off work for a year!! wow!! Hope all are doing well, talk to everyone later... Kim


dedaa - January 14

Hey ladies! Kari its becoming very exciting seeing that the finish line is so close. I have my moments that I am super excited and others that I feel like im betraying Isaac by having another baby while he is still so little. I have been getting the period like cramps for about two weeks now they drive me crazy it makes me remember what it feels like to be in labor. It s becoming more and more sore down there I feel like im ripping apart. Sorry if tmi. Or sometimes in the morning when I wake up I feel like I had extremely rough s_x or something. Baby has been really active today though which has been nice for a change im used to the baby being quite. KimS I hope the time in NB wont be as a bad as I anticipate but I think not having dh there is also going to add alot of stress cause I wont have him there to keep me level headed. That is awesome that you are done work now. Its nice to be off for a year to spend that special time with your new little guy. Justine1 i hope the mastisitis clears up for you just nursing alone and some of the feelings you get are sore enough i could not even imagine that. Its good though that Nicholas took the bottle easily though makes it easier on you. How is Sophie making out with him? Are they still getting along well? Well gotta go sit back and relax its becoming more and more uncomfortable to sit up straight. Talk to you all later.


kades_momma - January 14

KimS -Yeah I know what your saying when you say it's sore down there. Feels like I'm being cut in two! We have a high bed, and of course I am up and down all night, it kills me to step out of bed. Last night I ended up on the couch. Yeah the menstrual cramps are weird, I'm not having contractions with them. A friend told me that I could be starting to dialate. Hopefully that is true. Allthough I am scared of going into labor,I would rather go natural than be induced. I was told by another women that pitocin is the devil.LOL That's what I had with Kadence When I was induced. It went well though. Others told me the doctor diddn't do it right though. Tell me what you think.... He inserted the pill thing then broke my water when I was only dialated to a 1. I was told there suppose to wait till your like a 4.I instantly started having contractions one after another never one break in between and severe back labor. From the time he broke my water the whole labor was 9 hours. For being my first everyone said I did good, and that 9 hours was good. So do you all think If I go naturally and not be induced it may go a little faster? I so hope I don't have the back labor again, that was the worse thing about my whole labor. It was killer.Sorry I'm rambling tonite. Better go take a bath. Talk to you all soon!-Kari


dedaa - January 15

Hey KAri cant really answer your question there. Both times I went into labor my water broke first. Apparently I have a 75% chance of that happening again. Anyways after waiting to see if the econtractions would start on there own they ended up giving me pitocin. My first labor was really long like 25 hours or something like that. My last one was 3 hours from start to finish and a really great labor.I think maybe your doctor should have waited till you were fruther slong but then again with your situation I guess they figured that baby is coming out one way or another so they probably decided it was the quickest way to get you to progress. 9 Hours for a first time labor is pretty good most first time moms go alot longer then that so this one should be alot quicker. I hope the menstrual cramps are dilating us so at least labor will be a little less long. My last guy I dialted really quickly when I was in labor. The doctor came in to check me and I was at 6 during the time she was explaining what kind of pressure I should feel I needed to push so in a matter of 10 minutes. It was nice hopefully I will be as lucky this time.lol


kades_momma - January 16

Hey everyone! I'm really feelin old today. My Lil Brother turned 16 and got his liscense today!! EWW ah ah!! Scary! I'm happy for him, but I really don't need the added on stress. I will be worried everytime he steps in the car. How are you all doing. I posted today because I had those menstrual like cramps all day yesterday then today I had greenish yellow goobery stuff, then slimy greenish yellow stuff when I wiped. I think maybe I'm just starting to lose pieces of my plug. I called the doctor but they weren't open today. I have an appointment Wednesday, so well she what she says. I'm hopin for a change, maybe a little dilation.lol Do you ladies get exams every week? My work opens back up this thursday, and I'm not looking forward to going back. It will be hard cause it is cold snowy and icy here, and I'll have to carry Kadence to the car and get him to daycare. I'm tryin to decide when I'm gonna call it quits. I guess I'm waitin mainly for my appointment to see when the doctor wants to induce me. Well hope you all are doing good. Gonna go try to catch some zz's.


dedaa - January 16

Hey Kari that definetly sounds like your mucous plug. Isn't it lovely? lol As for the doctors giving exams im not sure wether the ywill be checking me each week when I go to my new doctor or not. I would a__ssume almost weekly if they plan on stripping my membranes like they did last time but unsure what this doctors going to be like . Guess I will find out sometime next week. Happy Bday to your little bro. Him out driving will be a bit of an added stress but hopefully he will do really well. That sucks that you got to go back to work. Especially this far along I could not imagine working right now. Just taking after my boys and doing all my courses is enough for me. You are alot stronger then I am that is for sure. Well gotta go see Trey off to school.


shannon5980 - January 16

Hello ladies, I believe I lost my mucus plug last night. I had clear jelly stuff on the tp when I wiped. I also had a light tinge of pink to it. I am getting so excited to get things going. I go back to the doctors on the 23rd to check for dilation. I hope something is happening down there. I am now only working 24 hours a week which has been great. I plan on working right up until I go into labor. I have been feeling a little more pressure then usual. Lots of potty breaks. I think I might of dropped a little bit. Well I have to get back to work..take care and good luck everyone :0)


tritty - January 16

congrats shannon! you're one step closer! :) it's fun because we're all starting to make progress toward having our little ones now. all day sunday and most of the day yesterday i was having contractions (they weren't painful) just annoying. anyhow, i decided to call the doctor just to make sure it was normal for them to last so long and they had me come in just to tell me that it wasn't real labor (well, i never asked that question!!) LOL, anyhow, i'm still only 1cm dilated and my cervix is fairly thick so i probably have a ways to go. my husband was sooooo excited about the contractions it was too cute but i felt bad because it was just a false alarm. i guess it's just fun to know that he's so ready to be a father! anyone else having anything exciting happening to them? we don't have much longer!


shannon5980 - January 16

Tritty thats funny how your dh is ready. Mine too, I called him into the bathroom to show him...I know gross huh but anyway he had a huge grin on his face and all night he was asking me if I felt okay and if I needed anything. I Love seeing them so excited. Time is going by so fast for me now. I am ready to meet my little girl.


DDT - January 16

Hey all! I went to my appoinment yesterday. I got swabbed for the Group B Strep test. Baby is still head-down just flipped over to my right side instead of my left. Blood pressure is good at 118/90 and baby's heart rate is at 150bpm. So everything looks good!! My next visit is in another week where they will check for dilation and effacement. Ill also go over my birth plan with the doc. Baby is still very active but his movements are more "rolling" and pushing. I've been peeing lots more..even though sometimes my bladder feels so full and then I end up only peeing a little. Its all the pressure I guess. My appet_te hasn't been the very good for the last few weeks. I don't seem to be hungry...ever really...I have to think to eat something. Anyone else in the same boat? shannon5980 : Congrats on losing your mucus plug! Whose due date is the soonest?


tritty - January 16

Shannon- I'm glad to know that i'm not alone. He was so cute last night. every time i got up to go to the bathroom he was like, "are you ok?, how is the baby? any more contractions?" LOL. i think it's so precious how excited he is, i just don't want him to get his hopes up that she'll be here soon and then it take several more weeks. oh well, i guess we'll just have to enjoyed being catered to for the next few weeks :) i'll take it!


KimS - January 17

Hey Ladies, Kari I just finished work and I can't imagine going back now.. let us know what you do!! Amanda are you all packed and ready to go?? I had my 36 wk check up today with no checking for dialation, I had my swab for the GBS but I did it myself in the washroom.. due to my elevated bp, the doc is sending me for bloodwork and I have to do a 24 hr pee test.. I have to collect all of my pee in a 24 hr period!!! can you imagine.. I start tomorrow am so it should be interesting! they gave me a little jug hahaha. tritty and shannon my dh is being cute too, he admitted to me last week that he was having a little bit of anxiety.. I think all of the stuff from my baby shower was starting to freak him out!! I think it's just starting to become real for him... and like you guys he won't let me do anything.. although he feels more comfortable now that I am over 36 wks. Other than that I still have had no bh.. just period like cramping.. oh well he'll come when he's ready! Hope everyone is doing well. Kim


shannon5980 - January 17

well here is a update, I was at work and I went to the ladies room and found blood on my panties. I wiped and had blood on the tp. I called my obgyn and they had me go and get checked out. I am a "fingertip" dilated and cervix feels soft. They told me not to worry about the bleeding it could have been more of my plug coming out. He said to call right away if my water breaks or I get contractions. He also stated he didnt think baby wanted to stay in there much longer. So the waiting game is officially on for me. woo hoo. ttyl


kades_momma - January 17

Hey ladies.Well I work in at a small restaurant, (on my feet the whole time I'm there I might add!) If I'm not waitressing, I am cooking. It really sucks when the boss leaves me alone, I have to cook, waitress, do dishes, answer the phone ect. ect. It's alot like a small dairy queen if you guys have any of them.There is 12 booths all together to sit at. But it is stressfull,cause I got to get Kadence up, get him to day care(carry him to the car)ect. It is so cold here, which makes it worse. We just need the money with raising my brother and all. Seems like we can't get ahead right now. But neways I will quit complaining. Went to the doctor's today, there was nothing new besides I am now measuring a week ahead.37 weeks instead of 36. If I don't have Jaycie by Feb. 11th I will be going in that night to be induced. I diddn't have an exam so I don't know if things have progressed down there or not. Well I'm gonna go get some rest or at least try to, its been so hard not being able to sleep at night!! Talk to you all tomorrow after work!=(


lilaggie2002 - January 17

Hey Ladies, hope you dont mind if I join the thread. I've posted before under the feb moms...but just as a reminder. Im currently 36weeks & 6days with a baby boy named Nicholas. Well I have been put on bedrest, so I find myself in this forum alot more! haha I had some BP probs last week and they have placed me on bed rest until they can induce, which they said will happen sometime next week. They want Nicholas to get to a lil over 37 weeks, however ,I am currently 2cm dilated and 50% effaced. I get contractions quite regularly so I know the time is getting close! It seems like we are all in the same boat...anxious and ready for these lil ones to make their appearance! Take care for now!


dedaa - January 18

Hey ladies! Alot has happend since my last post. Go Shannon let us know if anything happens. KimS not packed yet im kind of a procastinator right now I guess because I really dont want to go. Starting to get sad that im not going to see dh for a month. I had to change my reservations for the boat twice already cause we kept findind out we could leave earlier but now we might end up having to change it back. Carah sounds as though you are getting close. So far I guess you and Shannon minght be in the lead of going into labor first. I know what you mean by the pressure at night that is when i find it the worst. It hurts just to flip from one side to the next.Lilaggie2002-I cant imagine being on bed rest it cant be easy. Well at least it wont be too much longer before you will have your baby in your arms.



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