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shelly - February 3

I was just curious how everyone is progressing when it comes to dialating, effacing, etc.. I know it dosen't really mean anything when going into labor, but just wanted to see how far everyone else is. I'm 39 weeks on sunday, due Feb 12th. I just got back from the doctor and I'm 1cm. 75% effaced, and baby's at -1 station. I was 1cm and effaced that much last week also, but I have dropped alot, so the doctor says. I want this baby out!!!!!!!!!!!!


lmrod55 - February 3

At my appt on tuesday doc said that I was not dialated, but cervix was very soft (he didn't give me %)...so really no progress here - due Feb 14th.


Amber - February 3

Last week, on the 25th for my 37 week appointment i was just under a cm dilated, and i was 80% effaced and i was at -2 station (this is my boyfriends memory, i cant even remember that im pregnant half the time), ive dropped and the baby is engaged, but im still very high, i dont think he has much farther to drop. She had to feel behind his head to feel for my cervix, so hes way down there. I think his being so high up is on account of him being so large, she said hes a very long baby and he weighs over 7 pounds already! Im due on the 14th. I was having lots of contractions and back pain in the past, but it seems to have stopped, now all i get is a sharp stabbing pain in the lower part, almost in my cooch. I think hes turning his head, and scratching my insides with his nose. I want him out of my tummy too! But i would like to wait 2 more days so that i can still be pregnant at my baby shower :P


Chris - February 3

I'm at 37 weeks. Haven't had an internal yet. Only thing I know is my cervix is 2.2 inches. Due Feb. 26.


Melissa - February 3

Due feb 8th. Dilated at 4cm, effaced 75% and baby has dropped an inch. That was Monday...and we are Friday, no sign of labour yet!!! I only have that sharp pain in the lower part.


al - February 3

I am 37 weeks and 1 cm dialted but doctor says my cervix is still thick...hopefully, i'm make more progress by my next appt on Monday!


Courtney - February 3

Im due Monday, February 6. Appointment yesterday showed me still 1cm, 70% effaced. Baby is in position and his head is way down in my pelvis so the doctor said I am ready to go anytime.


jb - February 3

I am due 2/15. My last two doctors appts I was 1 cm dilated and 80% effaced. I AM GETTING INDUCED TUESDAY- 2/7!!! If the baby doesnt come out sooner. I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!


shelly - February 3

Hey jb why are you getting induced early? I want to be induced, I'm jealous!! LOL


jb - February 4

Im getting induced early b/c they think my my girl is going to be a big baby. Big babies run in husbands family and the doctor could tell from pressing on my stomach that she was pretty big. An ultrasound last week put her at 7 1/2 pounds and the doctor said if I go to my due date or after she may be over 8 pounds and he is worried it will make v____al delivery hard for me. Also the swelling of my feet and ankles is really bad!! I dont have pre eclampsia or anything they just started swelling a month ago and nothing helps. So I have just been complaining and my doctor is pretty nice and said we could induce me a week early. I am excited but nervous too. I have heard pitocin makes contractions worse, and Im worried if I get an epidural too early it will make my labort stall and Ill need a c-section. Wish me luck on the 7th!!! :o)


shelly - February 4

I was hoping my doc would induce me because of the same thing, but he dosen't seem interested in it. He seems to think I'm having an 8lber and all the babies in mine and my hubby's families were big, he was 9,lbs 2oz, my sis had a boy that was 9lbs10oz, etc... I was small to begin with, 5'5" and 120 pounds and I've gained 45 pounds, and its all belly so i'm scared!!! I'll be 2 days away from my due date when I go to the doc next which is on friday, and if there's no progress with my cervix I'm gonna ask him when he'll consider inducing me. I'm sooo ready and I know this baby is too!!


jessb - February 4

Shelly, it definitely wont hurt to ask your doctor about induction. My doctor is not real big on letting people go too far past their due dates. You never know, you could go into labor on your own before your next doctors appt, Ill cross my fingers for you :o)



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