February Moms Part 3

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..... - November 22

Hey ladies, time is running out, and the third trimester is kicking most of us in the ass, but keep in touch we always love having other preggo ladies to complain to!


Beth - November 22

Good morning ladies, so I started us a new thread, the only problem is I'm having a serious case of preggo brain and I put part 3 when it's supposed to be part 5, oops. I hope y'all forgive me! Kendra, I hope you've made your way over here, because, unlike you, I can't amuse myself for very long alone! Although, now, when I talk to myself people now just a__sume I'm talking to my belly, hehe, I knew being pregnant would come in handy in one way or another!! How is everyone doing today? Amy, your baby is gorgeous-those 3d/4d pics are so neat. I really want to get one of those u/s done, but my doc says that there's no reason for it, I'll show him a reason :)......anyways I'm bored as hell and just jumped a lady that walked in the door with a coffee, I just had to have it! I slept for a good 10 hours last night!!! You know what the sad part is, I might as well have gotten the usual 6 hours of sleep, oh and let's not forget those wonderful pee breaks that you have to wake up for, oh and also the waking up to turn over (a wonderful new development)....when you get to work grumpy as hell after one of those nights and you have to watch people walk right by you...one after the other....with wonderful Tim Horton's coffee, the restraint needed to not jump these people is amazing, oh and if there's a donut in the other hand, watch out, because I'm coming for you! Anyways, have a great day ladies, mine is looking like it's going to be mighty boring!


Amy R - November 22

Hey beth there is 2 amys so i will put a r behind mine i don't get to good of sleep i'm lucky if i get 3 hours at a time my hips kill and i pee every hour some nights i would love to get a 3d pic to but i have not even asked i don't think i want to pay the price i heard they cost alot


Beth - November 22

The hips thing kind of took me by surprise when I was 25 weeks, you never really here about pregnant ladies complaining about their hips, that's been my biggest complaint, of course there's a million other things that I could complain about, but that one never lets up it just gets worse. Anyways, when are you due Amy? I want one of those u/s and I live in Canada so I don't even have the option of paying for it, my doctor has to rewuisition one, which he won't, oh and if I did have to pay for it, I wouldn't be able to afford it either.


Amy - November 22

I'm due Feb. 7th


Kendra - November 22

Hey! I have had a super crazy day. I'm a cake decorator, and we had so many orders for thanksgiving, it was nuts. I decorated over a hundred cakes today!! I'm glad we have a new thread here - what happened to Crystal? I hope everything's alright. Well - I have to go eat something, because I've been around sugar all day, and I am dying for real food.


Amy R - November 22

Hey i'm due Feb 18th but they will take Logan at 37wks that will be Jan 25th


Beth - November 22

I seem to recall Crystal saying she was going home for thanksgiving, so she'll prolly be back eventually. I think being a cake decorator would be so much fun. it prolly wouldn't help with my weight-gain though! I'd prolly weigh 400 pounds, I love cake :) My day is almost over only another couple of hours, but I've had an excrutiatingly boring day (as usual).....


Melissa - November 22

Hey. I, too, miss cofee!!!!! I have lots of insomnia lately...anyone else? I wonder if it would be a reason to get sick maternity leave from the doctor? WHEN are you guys stopping to work, at how many weeks? My baby shower is next week. My mother in law in an angel and has done a list of everything we`ll need and telling people when they ask what to buy. TAKE CARE


lmrod55 - November 23

hey ladies! I am back at the office now - the cla__s I took was ok, but sitting is hard for me...and it's so distrubtive to get up and walk around in the middle of her teaching (although i did it twice)!! Today is a nice and short day for me...they are letting us leave at Noon - which is great! I am going to have lunch with the hubby and then relax! Over the weekend I got almost ALL of my Christmas shopping done...I so refuse to go to any store this coming weekend - it is going to be CRAZY! I'll touch base in a bit! -Lena


lmrod55 - November 23

Just read last of the other thread - so here is my info again. Due Feb. 14th and we do not know what we are having. Live in the Phoenix area!


Kendra - November 23

Lena - I can't believe you're already almost done with your Christmas shopping! I JUST now got all the c___p I need to make thanksgiving dinner! Are you one of those that decorates for christmas by thanksgiving? There's nothing wrong with that at all, I'm just fascinated by people that are so organized. I'm jealous. I know what you mean about sitting for a long time. Since I've been pregnant, people suddenly invite me to the movies all the time. I went once - and I don't think I'm going again until after I've had the baby. I do have to work today, but I think I will probably get out pretty early. I cannot wait for the weekend. I'm doing all the cooking, and that may wear me out, but the actual weekend will be great. My husband and I are both off - so four day weekend!! Well, this is actually my last week of work, so I'm on a permenant weekend I guess, but it's rare to get that much time off with my husband. Speaking of which, I have a new fear. My husband is an environmental engineer, and is out of town almost every day, for testing (usually about an hour away, sometimes more) and I keep thinking what if I go into labor early, and he's out of town, and can't get back in time? On one hand, I'll be terrified, and angry, and sad, etc. - on the other hand (the sneaky side) I think, well, I guess I could always hold that against him for the rest of our lives....maybe get presents out of it...lol.


Amy R - November 23

Hi ladies i hope you all have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING we are off to colorado springs co and we will be back sun Lena Wow i'm just going to start my christmas shopping i'm in hope i get it all done this weekend and when we come home sunday the kids are dying to get the christmas stuff up


lmrod55 - November 23

I am a person who LOVES Christmas, but I hate for it to be spoiled by all the craziness at the malls...so that is why I get my shopping done early! Now I can go to the mall and "stroll" not having to stress in the long lines and all that jazz - but still enjoy the atmosphere! I am not one of those that puts decorations up early...in fact we don't put those up till after Dec 9th! Dec 9th is my bday and we have a tradition of putting up the tree and decorating it on my birthday...then the lights and all that fun stuff go up after that! Kendra - I am so jealous that you are "officially" off after this week... I am going to try and work up until delivery, but we'll see how that goes!


Beth B - November 23

Good Morning ladies...YAY four day weekend for me. I LOVE Christmas too. I usually put my decorations up the weekend of thanksgiving not cuz I am super organized but bcuz I have extra time. This year I am being slightly bah humbug cuz I don't think I am going to decorate. I am just picturing myself in January trying to take it all down and put it away. I fear we would be bring our son home to christmas decos ya know. Lena I love your tradition though I think that is really cool. Anyhoo Krista I am w/ you on the movie thing. We went to see Harry Potter and I thought I was going to die! I didn't enjoy the movie at all cuz I was sooo uncomfortable and having hot flashes! And I do suffer from insomnia. I just reallized last night that I don't think I actually really sleep at all throughout the whole night. I just move from one side to the other. My hip that I am sleeping on gets name and my legs always are crampy. Ugh off to work. Its gonna be so slow today! I'll probally check back later!


Beth B - November 23

Ooops I meant to say the hip I am sleeping on gets numb! Gotta love pregnancy brain!


dwc - November 23

Man, the only thing right now I can find to complain about is the morning sickness. But it is hard for me to sleep also. I am due Feb 13, don't know the gender of the baby, hubby will not let me find out. I had a dream last night that the doc told me it was a girl though. Thank goodness I will not be cooking this year, don't think I could handle it with the nausea... I hope I can eat lots and not get sick. I have decieded not to decorate for xmas this year, will let dh and dd do what they want as long as they clean it up also... Hope we get off early today. Talk to ya soon.



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