Febuary Mama S To Be Part 2

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jennifer_33106 - November 24

We all have 2-3 months left before our LO's get here! Seems like a while off, but we have all came along way from the fears of the first trimestrer to the "is that kicking or gas?" of the second. We are in the home stretch!


jennifer_33106 - November 24

The other was taking forever for me to load so I decided to just take it upon myself to create another one. haha well I am official now! I am in the third trimester! I am 7 months now. Well at the end of this week ill be but still I am 7 months. I am feeling good and this is TMI but haha I have noticed, my Areolas are so dark I can see them through a white T-shirt. Which is odd for me because I am so white. haha There is my TMI for the day. Anyways, Brianna is moving like crazy now. Her kicks are getting stronger but are no longer all over the place. Usually in one spot for a while. hmmm i have nothing else to say really.... I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving!!!


hopeful24 - November 24

Hey girls, hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I went shopping all day yesterday, got some amazing deals! I came home to find my wonderful husband put up our Christmas tree. I was so excited. Kerrick is kicking me like crazy. I am not really sure how he is positioned, but sometimes it does not feel the greatest. I have become dehydrated again and need to go and get fluids, but can't bring myself to do it. Jen, congrats on 7 months, that is great. Well everyone take care. I am off to watch my KSU wildcats hopefully win their football game.


BeccaBaby1 - November 24

Hi guys. Happy days to you! I am so enjoying my weekend off... we're baby shopping and relaxing - feels so good. I can't wait till I am actually done with work. I'm getting ready to be at home with my little one. Hope you are all doing well!


jennifer_33106 - November 25

Hi everybody!!! You know, Brianna is kicking me so hard at night it is waking me up. haha I love it!!! I get all happy. She kicks mostly at night. I have heard people say that the scedule she has now with waking up and such is what she will do after she is born. So sleepless nights, HERE I COME!!!! Anways Stephanie~ haha we had the tree up a week before Thanksgiving. I dont know why but this year I had some weird desire to put the tree up super early. I am usually good about waiting but I seem to really be in the holiday spirit. haha look at my myspace page. haha I am not sure if I have had any BH. haha OH and my doctor told me that as loog as I feel 10 movements every 10 hours he is not worried. haha I am sure Logan is fine! Cramped but fine! haha Sarah~ Did your wild cats win? I dont follow collage FB. Becca~ YAY for baby shopping!!! Ok I have nothing more to say right now. Talk to you guys later.


swollenangel - November 26

Aah man- i already posted on the other thread before i saw this one, I'll repost, just in case: Hi everyone!! Back after a coupla days study leave (wrote my final exam on saturday... total relief!!) also had the weekend away with the family... now i need a few days to recover from that!! And now I've gotta catch up with everything again! You ladies sure do keep busy!! We dont have the turkey thing happening this side of the world... but it does sound quite interesting!! Congrats on your little man... seems we on opposite sides here - in that i was hoping for a boy and its a girl and vice versa for you! However, now that we know for sure its a girl, i couldnt imagine it any other way - funny how things work out like that! And yes Jenni, totally agree with you - there are much more girls than boys this year! We taking over the world! haha!! I'm having the same sleep issues... just cant get comfortable, no matter how many cushions and pillows are around! Also lo (mostly me) is growing so fast that i'm running outta stuff to wear now! thing is i dont wanna go nuts and buy alot of maternity stuff just for the next 2 1/2mnths...what to do, what to do!?! About the weight gain... at my last appntmnt (last tues) i was up to 134pounds from 107pounds initially... so thats a whopping 27pounds that i've picked up since the beginning of my pregnancy!! Wow!! and there is still more to come in the last coupla mnths! At least i know lo is healthy... and big! if she was already over 2pounds at 27wks only... I'm expecting her to be over 6pounds when she is eventually born! Its all so exciting!! I've been thinking about the birth plan for a while now, but i havent actually gotten to writing it out... hope to get there soon!! I was also thinking about water birth... not sure whether i will def be opting for it tho. Oh, if you wanna check out my pictures, my url is my.babyfit.com/rifqahroberts...


swollenangel - November 26

Just a few things to add after reading this thread... I'm totally having the same with lo, Jenni - she is mostly awake at night (when I'm trying to sleep) and in the early mornings (as soon as the alarm goes off, she's awake ... no snoozing for me! haha) i dont get much movements during the day, but I'm not too worried about it, cos she more than makes up for it at night and esp after dh has spoken to her - she gets really active after hearing his voice, which is really great! Have you ever felt movements on both side of your belly... thats the weirdest for me - it's like she's trying to get out already! But i would like her to stay in a little while longer... just love being pregnant... I'm so sure I'm gonna miss my preggie belly once she's here, but at the same time i cant wait to meet her!! Approaching week 29 this week and not much has changed for me in this trimester, except that lo has gotten a little heavier to carry around and turning over while sleeping is like mission impossible!! Other than that - it's just exciting to know i have about 11wks left to go before i get to see (actually really get to see) my little angel!! Oh, i should probably start thinking about a name for her... so jealous, cos it seems that everyone else here already has a name for their lo! It's just that i was so convinced, in the beginning that lo was a boy that i only thought of boy's names... now I'm kinda stuck! I want a name that has a really great meaning... something that she can grow into, that she will be proud of (hope that makes sense)... i guess i have to start soon! ok... I've really gotta get back to work now! Have a great day everyone =))


jennifer_33106 - November 26

GoodMorning!! This morning about 4am Brianna woke me up and I didnt go back to sleep til about 5:30. I didnt mind. haha She was kicking me to either say, "mama your bladder is taking my space, go pee" or "Im hungry" or maybe even "Theeeesseeee Boots are made for walking, and thats just what they'll do!! One of these days these bots are gooonnnaaaa walk all over you...." haha jk Anyways where is everyboady? Hopefully people will be on more today. RIFQAH~ Hey mama!! I was wondering about you. The last time you put up that url, I tried going and it said page not found! I tried again this time and it said the same thing. Do I need to like search somewhere for you or something? Glad to hear that you had so much fun!! Brianna kicks and punches at the same time so haha I know what you are talkin about. haha I was so convinces she was a boy too. All I would look at was little boy clothes and never really considered her being a girl. But like you said, I couldnt imagine it anyother way now. haha Anyways we need a status report people!!! haha


Iamamiracleangel - November 26

YAY! I'm 29 wks today, woohooo. I have a dr appointment tomorow, so I'm excited to get that over with. I did my diabetes test on Wed and the results still haven't come back yet. I was hoping they'd be back in today so just in case if my numbers were high I could retake the test today and they would be to my doc tomorrow on "stat' status" but.. i guess not, ugh. So all of the Thanksgiving left overs are gone, I guess that means I'll have to start cooking again.. lol. Oh, and I just got notification that my ba__sinette is in! Yayyyy!! Does anyone have their nurseries set up yet? Would it be weird if I put together the ba__sinette right away? Hmmm...Rifqah, my baby does the same thing! He will kick and punch at the same time and I'm like wait a second, where are you exactly? LOL. It's ok if you don't have a name yet, I have friends who didn't decide on names until way late in the game or changed them when the baby was born. Jen-I think I'm just going to have a mellow baby. There are times when he kicks like crazy, so I know he's ok, but he's mainly docile the rest of the time. He's about 10 or so oz. over what he is supposed to be for his gestational age, so maybe he's just running out of room? Even though he's quite the chunker, I've only gained 12 lbs. I'm sure it'll sky rocket though closer to me giving birth, hehe. I'm sure Brianna is having a ball in there, I love it when lo keeps me up, it truly is entertainment, heh. Megan-I understand how you're upset about the pa__sing of your little boy. I had a stillborn Halloween 01' and I still get b___hy/moody/depressed around that time. I'm sure he's looking over you and is very happy that you have Brinkley, don't feel guilty. He'll always hold a piece of your heart and I'm sure he knows that:) *hugs*. As for your husband, he needs to grow up, he has a baby on the way with a very preggo wifey. I hope you feel better, doll.....I'm out ladies!:)


BeccaBaby1 - November 27

Hi everybody... so back to Monday (I guess it's about Tuesday now) reality huh? Megan I am sorry for your troubles. I'm sending some hugs now! Stephanie, I took my diabetes test on Wed too and it made me sooo sick. I got a call from my dr. today but I missed it and now I am nervous because the lab tech said I wouldn't hear anything until my next appointment unless something is wrong. I am a worry wart tonight, and I found out I have persistent blood in my urine and have no idea what that's about!?!? This kiddo is a crazy wiggler! I've got a dancer or an athlete in there for sure! My little one loves my right ribs too and tucks up under there to make me as uncomfy as possible. Oh, my grandpa bought me a glider for a baby gift and it arrived today. It was very exciting. Also, I finally registered over the weekend so that was great too. What a relief to get it over with. Okay, I am outta here till later. Happiness all.


swollenangel - November 27

Good afternoon/early evening everyone! What a looooong day... so glad to be going home soon!! Megan I'm so sorry to hear you still have to go through that aswell... wish i could send you more than hugs! and know that you are never alone ... we will always be here for you - everystep of the way!! Jenni - I'm not sure why its not working! Ummm, maybe you can try going to the website first (babyfit.com) then go to (babypages) then search for me (RifqahRoberts) [just as it is with no spaces] ... hopefully you will get to see my pics!! Let me know, ok?! Becca I'm sure everything is fine... try not to worry too much (easier said than done, i know!) Well, its time for me to head home...FINALLY!! have a great day all =))


BeccaBaby1 - November 27

Update: All tests returned normal! Yea. I guess they just wanted to call early to give me the good news. No more missing phone calls for me!


Iamamiracleangel - November 27

Becca, I'm glad to hear that your tests came back normal, woohoo! I called my docs to tell them to call me once they got the results and they never called me, so I went up to the hospital and got them myself. Looks like my Glucose test is 162, highest is supposed to be 140. I have a high Neut %auto and a low Lymph % auto along with a low red blood cell count and low hemoglobin, HOWEVER, my blood is not thin even though I've been on blood thinners for a month. *sigh* So, I have my appointment today, I will discuss all of this with him. It would have been nice to have a call back or something... Where are you planning to have your baby at, Becca?... Jennifer----where are ya??!?!?! hehe.. Ok well wish me luck at my appt.


BeccaBaby1 - November 28

Hiya everyone. Well, we're quiet here the past couple of days. It's LATE but I'm not sleeping again. Stephanie, do your glucose levels mean you have to go back and do the long test to see if it is GD? What do the Nuet and Lymph percentages mean? Sorry I'm clueless. How was your appointment? Just remember that regardless of any challenges in the next couple of months your little man is growing and doing great and if he needs to come early for any reason he'll be A-OK! Have you gotten your date yet for delivery? I'm having my kiddo at the hospital where my dr. does deliveries. We have a birthing center here in town that is so nice and run by midwives and I reallllly wanted to go there, but they don't accept my insurance. Poop. Oh well I've been happy with my dr.s so far. Do you all feel like you belly is getting HUGE? I just can't believe there is more than 2 months left of this crazy growing. But then I can't believe I'm going to have a little baby in less than 2 months too! Okay, happy night to all, I'm off to bed to try again.


bipolarmommy - November 28

thanks for all the supportive comments. i gave james an ultimatum me and his daughter or his mother... he should be with me especially pregnant. i told him if he wasnt with me by friday, i would be filing for divorce on monday. i would not be good for brink to have to go through his bs so he can decide to be with his family or have none at all. i still havent gotten the results from my glucose test, i go back on the 4th. well ladies, i will be 8 months on the 6th!!!! i wish she was here already. i hope everything is going good for yall, if not hugs, hugs, hugs, and more hugs


hopeful24 - November 28

Hey girls, we have been quiet. Sorry I haven't been on here,but I have been reading. Monday I had to go to the hospital again to IV fluids. They gave me 2 Liters. I was super dehydrated; however, I am pleased to tell you that for the first time in 10 weeks I didn't throw up my dinner last night. Talk about exciting. My little one is moving constantly, but I love it because it is so rea__suring. Well hope everyone has a fabulous day. Talk to you all later!


jennifer_33106 - November 28

Hey Guys!! Yesterday I went to see my doctor. Remember how I said they rescheduled my appt last week for this week? Well I get there yesterday about10:30 and they ask me to come back at 12. haha My doctor was in the middle of some webcast thingy for his certification. haha But anyways, he said that as of right now Brianna is head down but she still has lots of room to move. He said right now she probably weighs about 2.2 lbs. I am measuring perfectly. Her HB was 171. She is doin great and she made sure to let me know that this morning with her constant rolling. haha OH He told me something that made complete sense to me. I had asked what if she ends up breech ot transverse? Will he try to move her manually? he told me that as the pregnancy progresses the baby will settle in the position most comfortable for her. Also the position that will her the best chance for survival in the womb. He said that manually turning a baby is always a risk. He said that what if the baby is breech because the cord is wrapped around her neck and she cant breathe by turning. He said that if something were to go wrong with that then he would have 18 minutes to perform an emrgency C-section. I thought that was interesting and have decided that if she is breech or whatever I am opting for a C-section. I dont wanna chance her health. But everything is going great. MEGAN~ I am sorry you are having problems right now but everything will work out in the end. May not be the way we hope for but it will be the best for you and Brink. STEPH~ Glad that your test came back normal! Wow you have only 12 lbs. Shhh I have gained 30. :( haha RIFQAH~ I am gonna go see if I can see them. Ill post back if I can or not. BECCA~ Glad your test came back normal!!! I feel like mine is. Especially when I curl in a little ball and cradle my tummy. haha SARAH~ YAY for not vomiting!!! Good for you!!! OH and I forgot to tell you all I pa__sed my Glucose test by only 3 points. So I have been told to limit my sweet intake. Great. Best season of the year and I cant eat it. haha well ill nibble here and there. I wonder if it had anything to do with me eating a rice crispy treat right before I drank that nasty drink. Ok no I am making excuses for me. Ok anyways hope everyone is doing well!! TTYL!!



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