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miraclebaby - June 16

anyone out there induced want to tell me how it went and the process , I am being induced on Thursday and would like to hear some feedback on this. Can you get and epidural too? If so, how soon? Did it take longer than normal labor and is the pain more intense like the say. I am feeling a little nervous now and would like to hear . Thanks :) :) :)


miraclebaby - June 16

not one person knows of this????? There has to be someone with a positive story :) ::) :) :) :)


Mellissa - June 16

hi miraclebaby... i was induced when i had my daughter almost 3 years ago. this is how the process went for me, although i know there are different types of induction methods: at 5:30 pm i was given pitocin through an iv, and my dr insterted a balloon into my cervix and filled it with water to help put pressure from the inside, making me dilate. i was 2 cm when i went in and at about 11:30 i was at 4 and they considered me to be in active labor. i didn't feel any pain from the contractions until 7:30 the next morning when my water broke and i was 7 1/2 cm dilated. i started pushing an hour and a half later, and about an hour and 10 minutes after that my daughter was born. i do know you can get an epidural, although i opted not to (the pain wasn't that bad and it only lasted an hour and a half for me). a friend of mine got her epidural as soon as she was 2 cm dilated... another friend of mine got it at 8 cm. as far as whether the pain is more intense than if you were to go into labor on your own, i don't know because that was my first baby. i know every labor is different, but with my induction, i had the best experience and i couldn't imagine it going any smoother. i hope that helps you out and good luck!!! :)


miraclebaby - June 17

Mellissa, thanks so much I feel better now, I am excited. Thanks again.


waiting100 - June 17

Hi - I was induced because I was almost two weeks past my estimated delivery date. The reason Dr. decided to induce was because everytime I had a contraction my baby's heart beat would drop, so they induced me. This is how it went: They monitored the baby's heartbeat from 3:00 pm until 6:00am the next morning (during this time i tiny bit of pitosin was ran thru an iv to see what the baby's hearbeat would do)--at 6am they upped the pitosin -- contractions started in soon after---received epidural around 11am--after that labor was a breeze-- i only pushed for 20 minutes--my darling baby boy was delivered at 3:30pm. I anticipated labor to be much worse--right after I delivered i said, i could do that again!! It was an amazing experience---so, try and not be nervous!!!! Good luck!!! oh, and my nurses and entire hospital staff were great and were very proffesional and took great care of me and my baby!!


miraclebaby - June 17

waiting, thanks to you too, I like to hear stories, it helps to relax me and not be so scared. Thanks again


Tanna - June 18

I was induced twice. The first time I went nine hours w/out epi. Finally got it, and 7 hours later my son was born. All that and I was even dialated to 4 before I went in. When you are induced, there is no build up of contractions for you to help you get used to it all. They hit you hard and fast. That's what I think sucks the most. With my second induction, knowing this, I got my epi. before the pitocin began to cause me to contract. BEAUTIFUL! I highly recommend going this route if you can! No pain with contractions, what-so-ever. I did feel the pushing though, but it was not that bad, mostly just pressure. If this is your first baby, you may not be able to get the epi. right away. My Dr. said the only reason he let me do that is because I had already had a baby.



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