Feel Like Crying

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Jen - September 24

I don't know if I can go through this any longer! It's getting worse and worse every night! I lie on my left side..arm numb right side...arm numb and not to mention painful as h__l! then I try to sleep propped up with pillows and I snore so loud it wakes me up!! I get up 2 pee at least every hours. I am so worn out just from trying to sleep! well thanks for listening to me complain.


Jen - September 24

Forgot to add I'm 34 weeks.


kimj - September 24

You sound like me.... Sometimes I get so tried of being pregnant that I start feeling bad for thinking that. I am about 33 weeks. Im due Nov7th. My due date has changed somany times that I really dont no. My braxton hicks are painful and it feels like a foot is trying to come out my but. This is our second baby. My first is almost 7 and I felt great the whole pregnancy. THIS HAS BEEN DIFFERENT!!!


Jen - September 24

I know what you mean. Ny first child is 9 now and I don't remember any of this stuff! My husband I'm sure has had it with my complaining.


Missey - September 24

I feel your pain hon. I'm so miserable at times, especially at night when I'm tryin to get comfy and get some rest. I am 38 weeks with my third child, I SO understand your frustration! I have a sciatica that bothers me, groin pain, back pain, the list goes on and on, I even sleep with a heating pad at times..LOL It just seems impossible to actually 'get' sleep. Just hang in there girly, I'm sure we all understand this last phase of pregnancy....and believe it or not, it'll go by before we know it! And if ya feel like cryin go ahead and let it rip! I do! LOL Sometimes I feel better afterwards..:)


lori - September 25

oh my god i know how you feel! it's horrible to be pregnant, i love children but i hate pregnancy! don't worry you're not alone


June - September 25

Hi Jen...I have been experiencing that every night since my 36th week...and am not in my 38th week. hang in there. it'd be over soon..



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