Feel Like First Trimester Again

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al - November 25

I just started my third trimester this week and i feel so exhausted...similar to my first trimester. does anyone else feel the same?


Beth - November 25

Yes, just a whole hell of alot fatter, and alot more aches and pains to complain about, but I started gagging again too, just like in my first trimester.


jb - November 25

Yes, I am very tired and I get naseaus on and off all day like morning sickness in my first trimester.


Kristin - November 26

Me too!! It's drives me crazy. I hate the feeling of being sick.


al - November 26

my back is killing me on one side..anyone else have this?


Melissa - November 26

Me too, nausea are back!!!!! And mu back aches. But, I have to say I fell yesterday, face first on the ground. I think we have to watch out cause our balance is affected by the extra weight in our stomach (I also fell three weeks ago and sprained my ankle)....or maybee I am just so clumsy LOL


E - November 26

Hope your ok that sounds very painful..I'm also very clumsy i drop everything like i went food shopping and dropped a cranberry juice all over the floor-it was soooo embara__sing but, what are you going to do. I'm also veryyyyyy tired but bad part is i can't seem to get any sleep so that sucks---feels like 1st trimester with a lottt of aches and pains added on....gotta luv being preggo


mother777 - November 26

same with me too. i thought it was just me. i am so tired all of the time. i could hardly breathe. my back kills me. i feel the baby much less. i am 33 weeks. i have a lot of pressure. my stomach is huge. i am very clumsy. i can't sleep at night. i gag again when i am brushing my teeth. i am very moody. what can i not say, but my time is almost here. i will be 34 weeks on tuesday, and i am getting a c-section at 39 weeks. 6 weeks left.


cjsmama - November 27

due DEC 6- feel exactly the same!



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