Feel Sick Period Cramps 36 Weeks Help

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lisa - September 22

Please give me some advice, I feel sick all the time, cant breathe or get comfortble even lying down or sat on sofa, last few days ive been getting more bh and period type pains. I feel so bad i feel like i cant carry on, my mum had us three kids at 36/37 and 38 weeks, do you think i might go early?


Barb - September 22

you never know Lisa...I'm 36 weeks too and I still have trouble breathing and I feel sick after I eat...and about 2 weeks ago I started getting bad period like cramps...all of which is "normal" according to my Dr. AGGHHH...I'm so sick of hearing that! LOL... I'd like to think I'll go early, but you just never know. Usually....you can breath easier and your appet_te will increase after your baby has dropped. This is one sign to look for...but...this is my 3rd pregnancy and for some reason, the baby only drops in the first pregnancy...sooo...I guess I'll be breathless and ill feeling until I deliver...wonderful, isn't it??? hahaha...


<Amy> - September 22

That's exactly how i'm feeling, but i'm 35 weeks. The baby has dropped a bit aswell but i've suddenly started 2 lose my breath again. I keep feeling sick and have had a lot of period like cramps and pelvic pressure. I don't think i means early labour, but this is my first time so i wouldn't know.


lisa - September 23

thanks for your advice barb and amy, i guess its not that long to wait really but its just hard not to be able to sleep or get comfy, good luck for both of you


sian - September 23

hi lisa, im 36 wks and am experiencing exactly the same. i have been feeling sick too- almost like morning sickness is back.also the period pains constantly although there not like cramps as such, just a constant ache if you know what i mean? this is my 3rd baby and his head has been engaged since 32 weeks (although i thought the same thing as barb said about only in first preg.) i find i only lose my breath when i lay down. well goodluck with last 4 wks, what date you due by the way?? im due 22nd oct.


Kelly - September 23

You might want to ask your doc's to see if you have a UTI. I had cramps around 36 weeks and I had a UTI. Just wanted to let you know. This is just what happened to me. Good Luck


lisa - September 23

hey sian, im due on same day 22nd oct! yey, my pains arnt like cramps really more like you describe as dull ache, saw midwife today no abnormalities in urine, guess its just the joys of the last four weeks, keep in touch


<Amy> - September 23

I'm due 25th oct, tested my urine last week and everything normal. Spoke to someone and they said it could just be dialating.


Ruth - September 23

I was exactly the same starting at about 35 1/2 weeks. That lasted until week 37 and stopped. I am now going to be 39 weeks tomarrow and for the last week and a half I haven't even had any BH. How depressing is that? I'm afraid my body's not going to go into full labor on it's own, so I'm going to ask my doctor about being induced.


Valerie - September 26

Hi Lisa I am 36 weeks prego and feeling the exat same way. Lots of cramps and dull aches and numerous bh contractions! I get my first internal next week maybe dialation has started? Don't know but I am getting excited!!!



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