Feeling A Little Nauseated And Tummy Is Funny

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chrissi79 - January 22

Is this common before labor or something? I had so much sleep yesterday - waking up with contractions a few times throughout the night though - and I feel just "icky" today, but only my tummy...?? Like I have to go to the bathroom constantly.


tritty - January 22

we should seriously start a club. i've been feeling the same way! i was cramping last night and for the past 2 days i've had awful diarrhea! i just feel "gross" like i'm on the heaviest part of my period. it's just such a heavy, achy feeling. my midwife said that some women feel that way right before they go into labor..... or we could feel like this until we go into labor (which could be a few weeks) anyhow, good luck to you and i hope you feel better!


mamagoose - January 22

That's exactly how I'm feeling- kind of like the day before a really bad period starts, heavy, achy, crampy, nauseous, blah! And even though I'm exhausted, I'm not sleeping well at all. If this means labour is in the near future, bring it on! Otherwise, just medicate me until the baby's ready to come out!


firedoor05 - January 22

ive felt like ive had to go to the bathroom lately, but oh course i cant.. i feel the same as mamagoose.. i have no appet_te, achy for sure, especially my lower back and cramps like before my period... i woke up last nite at 2:30 and for about 2 hours got sick =( called the doctor and they said no worries, it just happens to some women when they're close to going into labor. lol. yuck though.. nothing like my bf coaching me through puking, maybe he'll do that good during the birth!!!! 5 more days until due date... so let's all pray for early or on time baby! hope you all feel better...


ShaunaLeigh - January 22

i feel the exact same way lol & still got 6 weeks to go... makes this process that much more awful for me! To go from 2 great pregnancies to This... its horrible..


candaceann1 - January 24

I'm only 30 weeks and had the same feeling. Doc said I had a virus.



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