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Karen_Fletcher - November 13

Hi all. I am 37 weeks and starting to freak out a little (37 weeks to late, i know lol) but every little thing from the labour (not so little) to how will I cope when we bring the baby home. I have a 16month old, he was born 9weeks early and I feel sad when I know the time where its just him and me is coming to an end.... also my hubby is out up to 14hours a day and i understand there are alot of women on here who have partners in the forces and i admire you. Does anyone else feel like this? so overwhelmed? I'm probably just rambling and you are all prob excited, please dont give me an ear bashing though. thanks


tish212 - November 13

ok I had posted no clue where it went....I share ur feelings...I too am petrified...scared of labor..scared something might go wrong...scared of being home all day w/ the baby and its all on me at nite...hubby works 12+ hrs a day and leaves at 6am so I'm nervous it will be all me. I'm also scared cuz I will be molding a little human...and I don't want to mess that up ya know? I can talk quicker on msn... instead of post by post so if u wanna chat I'm tannhubbard at msn


Karen_Fletcher - November 13

is it .com at the end? i have added you, are you logged on? I'm glad im not the only one going a lil stir crazy


Mommy2Be - November 13

I hear you! I'm 37w3d now, getting so close and starting to get really nervous. My son is 20 months and somedays I wonder how on earth I am going to manage the two of the at once. Don't get me wrong, I'm very excited and we planed this pregnancy, but as reality starts to set it I am getting anxious. I too worry about my son not having mama and daddy all to himself anymore. Labour is another issue as well. I had a horrible labour with my son, 3 degree tearing, and he came out unresponsive and not breathing. It was the most scary experience I've ever had to deal with and I worry everyday that this one will be the same, nevermind the pain a__sociated with it. : ) I guess what I'm saying is that what you are feeling is totally normal, at least I hope it is. I think somehow we will find a way to cope and deal with our new lives.


redmondsky - November 13

Boy do I hear you. I am anxious for different reasons. I am self employed and will only get 5 weeks off after the baby comes - then it's back to my home office and 30 hours a week of work! I keep wondering - will I be able to handle it? and YES I sure understand the whole "enjoying the last few days with my toddler"... On one of our mommy days last week we went to starbucks and I treated him to a hot chocolate - he is four and loves little treats like this. All of a sudden - I started bawling my eyes out...just watching him scoop up the whip cream and talk to me about his day at school - it just hit me so hard - OMG - these special moments between us are so precious......it's sure is a crazy and mixed up time re: emotions. Anxious about the birth too - we had a terrible time with our first. Sure hoping the scheduled c-section - 10 days early - will result in less stress for all of us..............


Erins Mom - November 13

My dd is 21 months right now and I can't even talk about it not just being me and her anymore without breaking down and crying...don't get me wrong, I love and want this little one too, it's just that she's such a mommy's girl and it's just us all day long...I know our relationship is going to change and it's so hard on me right now wondering how all this will affect it....and of course I'm wondering how I'll handle two lo's at home by myself, but that's coming in down the list at this point. So, yeah, I understand the feeling.


Karen_Fletcher - November 14

Thank you all for replying, I was so scared I was the only one, I spoke to my mum about it this morning and told her how I was feeling and she was just as supportive has my hubby had been, they have said its normal and they will all be there to support me and somehow, it all slots into place... saw a nice double buggy, its cheap and cheerful and will be perfect and was cheap too (£110/$220) , its so much better than the one we were given and it means I dont have to take it apart to have to clean it before I can use it!! Thanks again for replying :o)


sant - November 15

omg you AND I ARE IN A PARALLEL UNIVERSE. How crazy is this ! I have 16 month( born full term no problems). I am 37 weeks my husb has been working 9 plus hours a day 5-6 days a weekand I am also freakinf out! I am really sad when I look at my little guy to know that it wont be just him and I too the point where I feel realy bad about being pregant scared cause I need a csection this time and I dont know how I am going to take care of him doc said no lifting for 1 month. Being home wi him all day has made life really hard lately. But I would not trade him for any thing . I spent houRS CRYING YESTERDAY LIKE A FREAK. MY family lives far away and my husb does what he can it is over whelming sometimes


Brendansmom - November 15

I'm 34w4d and I woke up this morning feeling this way!! Brendan just turned 2 on Monday and I was already sad about him not being a baby anymore. Now I'm thinking about having to share my time and it's so hard because he's my little buddy and I don't want to break his heart. Also, I'm in shock over how fast 2 years has gone by and I know that in the blink of an eye this baby will be 2 and then there will be no more babies! It's all a lot to digest. I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling this way! And I'm hoping that it will all go away the second I lay my eyes on this bugger!


BriannasMummy - November 16

Oh my goodness you described how I felt when I was pregnant with my dd. Everything make me kind of nervous. The thought of it being the end of just my first dd and me, made me nervous.. the thought of being home alone with an infant again.. made me nervous. The thought of the birth..everything involved had me apprehensive.. and then the day finally arrived.. and it all just seemed to disappear. I was more focused then I had ever been in my life... honestly its going to be okay. The feeling is going to get better.. and youll be over the moon when your baby is finally here. Congratulations and best wishes! ~ Kristin~



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