Feeling Down

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surewinwilliams - February 24

I am almost 36 weeks with my 2nd child now, and just feeling low. Nothing fits, I am tired, and i have had 2 bouts of the flu in as many weeks. I have a horrible cough and I can't sleep. I went shopping for cloths to wear in the hospitol after my section, and could hardly recognize my giant self in the mirror. I know I am little whiny, but I am just in a funk and I can't kick it! I know that you guys feel my pain, just looking for a little comraderie!


mahagen - February 24

Surewin, I feel your pain for sure. Just a week ago when I was 36 weeks I felt exactly the same. Unfortunately you are hitting that time of your pregnancy where you will feel down and really depressed about almost everything or anything you can think of. I thought it was never going to end but it has helped for me to start crocheting again. I still feel anxiety but not as bad as last week. Hopefully you will be able to kick that feeling soon. Maybe ask your dh to give you a ma__sage or something to help relax you. I am on my 4th pregnancy but but my first 2 kids are 10 and 12 and my dd is 16 months old so this is like the 2nd pregnancy starting really late again. Also maybe a warm shower or bath will help you. I hear ya about looking in the mirror and not realizing how big you because when I was buying more maternity clothes to fit, I thought I was smaller than I really am. It was soooooo depressing to go through that. I finally got a pair of black stretchy pants that were for working out from Wal-Mart in a size larger then I would normally wear and it was from the non maternity section. I am 37 weeks and considered huge but still fit in those so it is nice.


CgGirl - February 25

I am down to and am close to 30 weeks. You know what really helped me last week? It may sound weird but anyway: my dh was away for the evening, so had a really nice bath and I cried for a few hours. It helped me to get it all out. I cannot say that I am joyful now, but I am better. The other thing that could help you out perhaps is to go outside if you can. For me, not getting enough day light has a very bad effect, even when not pregnant...



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