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bonnie1 - June 29

OMG, last night for tea we had caesar salad, used one of those packets already with all the sauce in it.. I love caesar salad , but now, today i have realised it would have had raw eggs in it , which is not allowed in pregnancy


dee23 - June 29

hmm...i love ceaser salad too...although i dont know how to make it. i bought a ma__sive one not long ago from the pizza shop and ate the whole thing.....i dont think any harm came from it though, because im 37 weeks and just had an ultrasound and everything is fine.....didnt know it contained raw egg....lol shows how much of a cook i am. mmmmm i feel like one now!


Jamie - June 29

It most likely was pasteurized egg, which is safe to have during pregnancy.


krc - June 29

are you one of those who has a long list of what NOT to eat while pregnant? Everybody has a different opinion on that. I dont believe there is any specific food your not allowed to eat. My theory is this... if it's natural then it is safe. Eggs are natural, soda isn't. Common sense !


Erin333 - June 29

Oh god, I hope ceaser salad is not bad for you. I eat it at least three times a week and have for the past 6 months. I never heard of the egg thing. Although when I was pregnant with my first I ate tuna fish everyday for lunch. I had no idea it was bad for you. She turned out to be just fine so hopefully this one will to.


carol23 - June 29

wow, Some ladies really go into detail when you read ingredients huh? lol. I mean, I wouldn't eat anything to harm my baby, but I am not that strict on myself. I believe anything in moderation should be fine (except alcohol and cigarrettes, at least not during pregnancy). I wouldn't freak out about anything and feel guilty though, I'm sure it won't harm your baby.


mcatherine - June 29

You only have to be wary of homemade ceaser salad - as the dressing contains raw egg. The salads in kits and bottled dressings contain pasteurized egg - which is safe. Besides, it's like only 1 out of every 100,000 eggs that may be harmful. What are the chances? I would think you and baby are just fine. You, too, Erin333!


drea - June 29

I Love caesar salads also but have been scared to eat them b/c of the raw egg. I would be careful at restaurants though b/c they make thier own dressing which probably has raw egg in it.


Erynn21 - June 29

If it's in a package it was pasturized, I looked into that stuff when I was first pg. I also have eaten raw cookie dough when I had a slip of my brain, my baby is doing fine. If raw eggs were going to harm every baby, the human race would probably not exist, there are so many freaking rules to being pg these days it's amazing we all have survived.


Mingill - June 29

bonnie, just like everyone else has said, you're baby is probably fine. Especially since it was pre-packaged dressing, it will be pasturized, so it lasts longer on the shelf. It's the homemade or fresh restaurant made stuff to avoid (not all restaurants make their own, a lot also use pre-packaged). If you eat out, just ask if they use raw egg or not. You should be fine.



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