Feeling Guilty

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sashasmama - June 11

In the past 2-3 weeks I've started obsessing with labor, feeling even c__ppier than ever and not getting an sleep at night :( All this is taking a toll on my little girl Sasha, I feel like. She's 2.5, and we would always go places during the day and play and read and make stuff out of playdoh, e.t.c., and now all I feel like doing is lying on the couch trying not to fall asleep or reading about labor. So she's been watching TV quite a bit here lately and I feel so bad, so I'm just like - ok, so what's going to happen when the baby arrives? Then she wouldn't get any attention at all or what? I feel terrible, I mean we still read before nap time and all, an play a bit, but it's not the same...most of the time she's playing by herself...and she's not around many children either.


cors1wfe - June 11

You poor dear - stop beating yourself up! I for one have never thought I'd be nominated for mother of the year so I can totally relate to how you feel.....my boys are 9 and almost 5 and they watch TV and play games on the computer I am so exhausted and I am cranky....I try so hard to be patient but I lose it once a day because they make huge messes in rooms I have just cleaned and just stuff that kids do - I apologize to them for being cranky and they try to let me nap but kids are kids ya know.....they need attention.....I planned to take them swimming and to the park but OMG the heat has really put the kabosh on the park and gas prices are so high the community pool is kinda far I am on 1/2 pay basically so I am trying to save money.....so.....you do more with your daughter inside than I do with mine my kids really don't see other kids just cheer up - maybe it's good that she is getting a small insight to what it might or could be like once the baby gets here - You aren't a bad mother you are big pregnant like the rest of us and ent_tled to be a little selfish at this point - I am sorry if all of the super moms out there don't agree I don't see a need to kick you while you're down! Chin up girl - it's going to be ok - once the baby is out and the first few weeks have past you might get back to your normal self and back to normal activities - it's just going to take some time that's all


bubbasmom - June 12

Hi sashas mama. I know exactly how you feel. I've been feeling more tired, uncomfortable and stressed lately and taking it out of my 2 year old. He watches more tv now than before. I am trying to balance everything and devote some time to stickers or playdough or outside play. I don; have any real answers for you, but just know it is normal and you are not alone in your feelings.


sashasmama - June 12

Thank you guys, I just needed someone to tell me that it's normal. My husband and I took Sasha to the pool last night and it was good, but she got all cold and started shaking after about 40 minutes, it was so sad, even though it's 95 degrees outside and the water was warm. I guess she's not used to it. Tina, I know what you mean about the money situation. I had to stop working (I worked part-time) so now we are living off the tax-return money and the whole stimulus payment :( I really wanted to just go and be able to buy things, but no. I just want this baby to get here already.



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