Feeling In Hips And Nerves

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erin25 - September 24

Hi! I am 34 weeks and 5 days pregnant and for the past couple of days, I have had this feeling like the baby is laying on a nerve and that my hips are going to give out on me. Has anyone else had this and do you know what it means? I am actually afraid I am going to fall going down the stairs or something.


jenna32 - September 25

i've had it but only for a couple minutes and when i am laying down, i thought it was just the baby pressing there or something.


musicbaby - September 25

Yup get it all the time. :-) And its exactly what you describe. The baby will be pressing on a nerve which will be causing the weakness. Not much you can do about it I dont think. I find it worst when I get out of bed in the middle of the night. I sometimes have to stand still and get everything working for a bit before I will dare take my first step. I know for me as I had a back injury before pregnancy that its to do with the sciatic nerve... sounds like the same with you. I find that DH giving me a back rub right in the 'saddlebags' can help ease it sometimes. GL.


jenna32 - September 26

the other times i find it to be pretty bad are when the baby is right below your ribs, it is sooo uncomfortable for me, i try pushing on her lightly so she will move down,it's worked a couple times to!


falafal0 - September 29

Liek musicbaby, I get it all the time. Our fourth baby is only 13 months old and I"m 32 weeks along now and because of the small age gap, this pregnancy is much much worse than the last one. I hobble around day and night now and have almsot fallen into the toilet, simply because of the positions you are in at times. It can suddenly grab you and regardless of what you're doing or holding, which is really scary, your body takes over and it's awful. I live with my wheat heat pack. It helps but doesn't ease the deep sharp stabbing nerve pain. It only gets worse as the pregnancy progresses I've found with two pregnancies so far (first three were a breeze, why me and why now?!) and after the last birth it got so bad, the scitaica I couldn't mvoe past my point of equilibrium to bend down adn pick baby up out of the cot. It was pure hell. After a week or two, you could feel the body heal and the muscles and stuff tighten up slowly, and it got better over time. Then I got pregnant again and hello! I must say though in the past two weeks or so, my pubic bones have started up again, the grinding and clicking is something DH can ehar when I move. I thought I'd gotten past it perhaps at this point and only had the back and legs to deal with which was bad enough, but no. Body ahs to totally fall apart doesn' it?!



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