Feeling Inadequate

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S. - July 31

Im starting 32 weeks and I cant move! My back hurts sooo bad, sciatica is terrible to the point that I walk slower than a slug! My legs and feet are so swollen, and cant sleep at all. I cant sit or stand from a sitting position, moving is soooo hard. The 30 lbs Ive put on feels like 200! Its hard for me to even lift my leg up to put clothes on, much less to shave or polish my toenails. How is it I see these other preggos who walk around everywhere without a care in the world, and therye just fine right until their due date? It makes me feel inadequate, and also makes me worry how i will tolerate labor if I am falling apart now.


baby.ksh49.com - July 31

You're not alone. Remember that you dont see these other women with the same problems as you, because they're at home suffering ...unable to move. Our bodies are all different. Some tolerate pregnancy better than others. Hopefully when the baby moves down, things will let up and you'll be able to move around a little more freely. Good luck to you and I hope things get better soon.


Amber M. - July 31

Don't worry, I feel the same way being 33 weeks myself. Although I feel great from time to time & am able to walk around freely, there are other times I over do it or just plain feel like sh*t! I know how you feel when you walk around or stand in one place it feels so uncomfortable on your legs & feet, and when you sit, then get up you feel older than your grandma! I also have a major problem sleeping mainly because you change to one position, but then you start feeling achy & have to move (what feels like 200lbs.) of belly to the other side! I feel your pain & you aren't the only one.


S - August 1

Speaking of which, the baby just moved down. I dont know if thats weird for 32 weeks? Our doula said he may still drop more, but that it isnt uncommon, but I never knew you could drop in stages or this early? I posted about it.. what do you all think? ----either way, youre right that I can move a little better now, but my right foot is HUGE from the pressure of my lowered uterus.


Melissa - August 1

I feel inadequate too. Same achy back and swollen feet and hands as a lot of you. I can barely sleep for more than an hour in a row, and then all day long I am dead tired. I am not "glowing" like I am supposed to and my once lovley hair is now dull looking. I also have nasty eczema all over my arms and hands. Up until a few weeks ago I was happy with the amount of weight I had gained ( at 29 weeks I had gained 25 lbs) Now, at 31 weeks I am suddenly up 35 pounds. 10 pounds in 2 weeks!!!! WTF is that all about? I have not been eating any more than previously. At this rate, does it mean I am going to put on 70 pounds???? I have been trying to get more exercise, but it is really hard, I have no central air and when i try to go outside for walks i get ma__sive leg spasms. So frustrating, I used to be able to run 10 km no prob, now walking around the lock just about kills me. My husband keeps telling me "Buddy, you are pregnant, not lazy. You are trying your hardest and doing just fine" I aprreciate his kind words, but I dont feel the same way, i feel like an out of control loser!



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