Feeling Like Im Leaking

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Katie - March 2

Sorry this is kind of gross but the last couple days I have felt like I've been leaking down below. More wet than normal. Im 31 weeks and a little nervous about it. Has anyone been through this or know what Im talking about?


Heather - March 3

Katie, the same thing happened to me at 35 weeks and it turned out to be my water. I was for sure that it was nothing but my fiance insisted I call my doctor. It turned out that my placenta had an infection and the baby was safer outside of me than inside of me. I don't want to freak you out but I would call your doctor asap. If it isn't anything then at least you will have peace of mind. Good luck and keep us posted.


Katie - March 3

You really think I should? I have a doctors appt. a week from today. How could it harm the baby? Now Im really nervous


Heather - March 3

I would call just to be safe. If it is your water then infection can be introduced to your baby and you will be leaking amniotic fluid which means less fluid for your baby which isn't good. It is always better to be safe - chances are it is nothing but I would rather know for sure than worry about it for another week.


Katie - March 3

Thanks for your advice Heather I appreciate it


Kim - March 3

Katie, I think Heather's right. It's probably nothing to worry about, but if you don't have it checked out, you'll just keep worrying about it, and there's no use stressing yourself out over it if there isn't actually anything wrong. My sister is now 29 weeks and I'm 32 weeks, and we have both been noticing a lot more wetness than before recently. It's dampness, not exactly like discharge looks, you know. I was worried too, so I asked the dr, and he told me it was just a little urine leakage and increased perspiration (gross, I know, sorry!) anyway, I felt so much better just to have the dr check and find out for sure. I'm sure everythings ok, try not to worry!


MJM - March 3

You know I remember towards the end of my pg I was a lot more "moist". I think your body kind of "lubes" itself up for what is to come. It was not from my water. Just normal extra moistness. But do call the doc and make sure


tesha - March 3

Please help me how would I know if my water is leaking last night and today i can't seem to stay out of the bathroom. I go every 10-15min. What is going on please help me. Also I have a really bad cramp in my pelvic area it comes and goes.Today it got to the point where I couldn't get back in the car I had to wait until it when away. Also when I walk it hurts in my pelvic area is this normal please help me?


tesha - March 3



firsttimemommy - March 3

yeah i have been leaking and it smells like pee, my dr said its normal and to wear a pad,do not stress but be sure to ask your dr at your next appt, do not get caught up in other peoples troubles a sfar as infections etc.. just stay relaxed and ask ur dr at ur appt.


Katie - March 4

Thanks For all of your opinions I will talk with my doctor asap.



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