Fell In The Stairs

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mel - October 25

I know the baby is well protected but has anyone fell during pregnant?? Monday morning I fell down my stairs... I sprained my ankle and fell on the side of my body, pretty hard. just wondernig if it could have hurt the baby? I am home for a couple of days, I am SO bored...can`t walk, so cant work on baby`s room ;


Ranya - October 25

I fell earlier on in my pregnancy and I was terrified of miscarrying but that was in my first trimester. I couldn't feel any movement yet at that stage of my pregnancy so I went in for an ultrasound, and luckily everything was fine. Can you still feel the baby move? I think that as long as there is movement you can trust that you are ok, but if you are worried you could go in for an ultrasound. Like you already said, the baby is very well protected, the amniotic sac is one of the best designed shock-absorbing systems...


mel - October 26

Thanks. Yap I can DEFINITLY feel the baby moove. I now am scarred I would fall with the baby in my arms..has anyone had dreams of dropping the baby... I heard it`s anxiety dreams.


D - October 26

Our childbirth cla__s instructor, who was pretty blunt about most things, said "you're not a parent until you have dropped your child at least once." YIKES!!! Sadly enough, talking to a lot of new parents, I've found out it is true.


Linds - October 26

D- Makes me wonder if my parents dropped me. Mel- I fell a few weeks back. I was standing on a chair trying to feed our bird and i slipped and fell stomach first on the top of the chair. It hurt pretty bad when the baby moved and i had a bruise on my belly :( I went and had it checked out and all was fine!


Z - October 27

I fell 2 weeks ago on the ground. I fell on my side too and i got scraches on my hand and kness. I was terrified, that was something serious even the baby was noving normally. But as u said is well protect inside u.



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