Fetal Hearbeat Bebe Sounds Monitor

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beth - May 19

Hi, I just bought a bebe sounds monitor. I was wondering if anyone own one? If so, How do you tell which is the baby's heart rate. This is my first pregnancy. I could use so advice. Thanks


ree to beth - May 20

I also have one and was told you couldn't really hear one really good until the end of the 7th month. I have tried mine but not sure on what I hear. I was also told they sometimes would not pick up heartbeat if baby was turned a certain way....If you are anything like me and couldn't hear a heartbeat you would freak out!!! So use if for fun, hearing your unborn childs heartbeat is always wonderful, but don't get scared if it dosent work. Have a wonderful day!!!


Kristin - May 20

Hello Beth, my mother actually bought me one. It's the one where you put the head phones in it and move it around till you hear something. We had a heck of a time finding the heartbeat even though he was kicking up a storm. We heard lots of stuff though, hiccups,kicks, grunts.


beth - May 20

Ok, I have the same one with the head phones. I need help. I can't tell if its my heartbeat or the baby's. I'm going nuts. Please explain more to me. Thanks


Jenn... - May 20

The babys heartbeat is much fast than yours. It sounds similar to what you hear at the docs office but not as clear. I could not pick up my baby's heartbeat until 7-8 months. When they settle into the head down position and they are facing your back is the easiest time to pick up the heartbeat. Try below your belly b___ton. Good luck. Don't worry if you don't find the heartbeat sometimes...those things are not very user friendly. I know it gets frustrating.


Kristin - May 20

Beth.... It almost sounds like drums.... place the monitir about 1-2 inches below belly b___ton and too the left about 1-2 inches. It is faint but you should hear something.



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