Fetal Heartbeat

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DK - July 14

I went to the doctor yesterday and she said she felt something in my stomach. She was going to see if she could hear a heartbeat, but her doppler was broke. So she told me to see the midwife today. The midwife(who I have seen before) said at first she was not going to check for a heartbeat. She felt my uterus and said she did not feel anything, but I told her that the doctor requested me to have one. She than checked for the heartbeat in my lower adbomen and we heard one, she then grab my pulse and said that was my heartbeat and did not check anywhere else on my stomach. The heartbeat sound just like when I heard it when I was carrying my son, plus she had a funny look on her face. My sister and my friend said it had be a fetal heartbeat because it was too low to be mines. Does anybody where exactly would you hear a fetal heartbeat? Plus I have alot of other pg.symptoms and a swollen stomach about 32 weeks.


??????? - July 14

so your 32wks and didn't have a clue that you had a pregnant? why don't you go buy a test and take it. do you feel the baby moving around or anything?


Kristin - July 14

A pregnancy test this late in pregnancy will more than likely come out negative. Go and have a blood test done and an ultrasound!


DK - July 14

Yes I do have a clue but the doctor will not comfirm it. Yes I told them I felt movement they are ignoring me because of the negative urine test. The doctor ordered me a blood test yesterday. I have being going to the doctor every since March so I have not ignored my problem.


??????? - July 14

so then why are you asking this question? If the doctors didn't think you were pregnant why would they have you come to the office every month? If I knew I was pregnant and the doc wouldn't comfirm it I would change docs in the first 2-3mths.


DK - July 14

Because she said it was my heartbeat??? I have been to different doctors not the same doctor. And people are still telling me to go, because they know me and they know noone walks around with these kind of symptoms. My question is that my heartbeat that we heard or is it a fetal heartbeat. I just thought someone knew where the fetal heartbeat usually were. I think it is the same place as where they found my son's heartbeat when I was pregnant with him. So I think I answered my own question.


???????? - July 14

so did you get a due date if you are 32wks you should be due the first week in Sept. you can go to Wal-Mart and buy a Doppler for $20.00 and hear the heartbeat yourself. There is a difference in yours and a babies.


Rachael - July 15

The heartbeat of the baby and where you hear it is going to depend on where and how the baby is positioned. It is possible to hear your own heartbeat with the doppler. Generally the baby's will be faster and stronger. The doctors should not really have a problem hearing the difference between your baby and your heartbeat. Good luck, sounds like your doctors have been quacks, no offense to you. You may want to try one or two more.


R - July 18

Actually "??????" you cannot buy a doppler for 20.00 at Wal-Mart. What you can buy is a microphone that works like a stethescope. There's a big difference between the mic and the doppler. Anyways..........................DK, the fetal heartbeat can be heard almost anywhere on the stomach at 32 weeks. How would you know that's how far you are, if you haven't had the pregnancy confirmed? You can tell a big difference between your heartbeat and the babies. Your heartbeat will sound a lot slower.....like.....whoosh............whoosh.. ....whoosh.......whoosh, whereas the babies will sound more like....whoosh..whoosh. .whoosh..whoosh. It will be about twice as fast a yours. It's obvious when you hear it. Plus, if you already have a child, don't you remember any of this???


DK - July 18

I remember the heartbeat thats why I said the heartbeat sounds like my son's heartbeat when I was pregnant with him.


DK - July 18

Actually I have the heartbeat from Walmart and it does cost 20.00 and when I hear my heartbeat it goes bump,bump,bump, not whoosh whoosh whoosh. She did not check anywhere else,so I would not know if can feel the heartbeat anywhere. I think she was suprised to hear a heartbeat. Anyway go to the pregnancy test forums it is an amazing about an unknown pregnancy.


It - July 18

When I use the doppler from Walmart. I can only hear my heartbeat when I put it to my chest not in my stomach. I guess their doppler would pick up more than the one I am using.


... - July 19

Actually "R" is right. The doppler is not what you're using if you went to Walmart. You are using a monitor (microphone), most likely it is made by BeBe Sounds or First Sounds. This device allows you to hear the actual heartbeat. Therefore, it sounds like a real heartbeat, which would be the bump, bump, bump sound. What your doctor uses is a doppler. It detects the movement of the heart beating and creates that into a matching sound. That is why it sounds like whoosh, whoosh, whoosh when you hear it through the doppler. I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be rude, but to be this far along in your pregnancy, you should know the difference in simple terminology like a doppler vs microphone........


jamie - July 19

DK, if you go to the top of this website you will see a purple square that says "rent a fetal doppler". Click on the square. The cheapest one in there is $399..........because that is a real doppler. These ladies are right, you're not using a doppler. With a doppler at 32 weeks, you would be able to hear the baby almost anywhere in the stomach. You are using the mic, that means you have to be right on the babies back or stomach/chest in order to hear anything other than your own heartbeat. And, it is possible to hear your own heartbeat low by your pelvis. I've heard mine there plenty of times. This is because you have a main artery (inferior vena cava) running along your right leg. If you listen well enough, you can hear your own heartbeat from almost anywhere in your stomach. Your babies heartbeat will be much faster though. You'll be able to tell the difference when you hear it. Good luck, happy heartbeat hunting.


confused - July 19

how do you know you're 32 weeks, if you haven't had a positive pregnancy test? don't you see the baby moving yet? I'm 29 weeks and for the last month I actually see my stomach move, when I get kicked. you can't mistake it, something is in there. i just don't understand how you could be that far and they not at least do an ultrasound to see what's going on. have you requested one? please let me know what's going on, i'm interested in this.


babs - July 19

whoever said testing with a urine test this late will come out negative is an idiot. you still test positive 8 weeks after you deliver a baby, have an abortion, stillbirth, or miscarry. It takes weeks for the hormone to drop out of the body. Don't give bad info.


ND - July 19

What are your pregnancy symptoms?



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