Fetal Movement At 29 Weeks

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Brandy - October 8

Just a quick question...I am currently 29 weeks. I will have like 4-5 days that the baby is just moving constantly and strongly. Then he will go maybe 3-4 days and move but just small movements and less frequent. Is this normal at this point? First time mom and just concerned.


JL - October 8

I am pregnant for the 2nd time now, and this kid is WAY more active than my first baby. My first baby barely ever moved. I used to poke at my belly with my finger to try to get her to react. She was born full-term, huge, and healthy! I think every pregnancy is different, and as long as you are feeling movement, then I am sure everything is going great!


Brandy - October 8

Thanks JL, I definitely feel little movements. They are just so varied. It is so exciting and worrisome being a 1st time mommy.


Tanyav - October 9

I'm 30wks and I have the same thing. My baby moves around a lot for a couple of days and then it slows down. I went to the doctor yesterday and she sent me for a stress test just to be sure and the baby moved around several times within 20 minutes. Several movements I didn't even feel but the monitor caught. And I received another U/S and found out it was a boy!!! They couldn't tell at my 20 wks ultrasound. The doc said it was normal at this time because the baby is getting bigger and the movements change, from sharp kicks to nudges.


Brandy - October 9

Tanyav, that is exactly what I am feeling. Today he is moving like crazy. Sometimes they are kicks and sometimes they are nudges. Last night we went to an outside concert and everytime the drums played, he went nuts. My husband said he is just glad that his son had rhythm...ha,ha (my husband cannot dance at all :) Thanks for the rea__surance. I have my 4D ultrasound tomorrow. Good luck to you all!


Christy - October 9

My baby is the same way. He'll go strong for days and then be like asleep for 1-2 days.


jaime - October 11

I'm 31 weeks and mine is like that also. It also depends on what I'm doing. The more I'm on my feet, the less she moves around.


Brandy - October 11

Well, I think I spoke too soon. Yesterday and today he has been crazy acting. Moving all the time. I think I can also feel something (not sure what) right above my belly b___ton to the left. Feels like maybe a foot? Has anyone else experienced this or am I just crazy?


Jennifer - October 12

I am going to be 29 weeks tomorrow. I actually just went on Monday night to the Labor and delivery because of the same reason. I think they just have some down time. Everything was fine with me and the baby. I was so glad to hear. Go figure then on Tuesday she was non stop. It was great. I have found that the kick counts and feeling them everyday is not 100% true. The baby could be in a position that they are not hitting as hard or whatever. I don't think you have anything to worry about but I understand what you are talking about. Good luck!


Christy - October 12

My little guy has been beating upon my right side under my ribs like crazy lately. I think he has a limb stuck up in there. I have seen what may be a little hand or foot (too hard to say which one for sure) pop through my abdomen sometimes. I feel like I am in the movie Alien at times- LOL! I'll have a better idea of how he is situated in there tomorrow- I have an ultrasound scheduled at 4:20. Can't wait!



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