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Karen - May 12

I am 35 weeks and have a question regarding movements. Some days the baby moves like crazy and then other days just a few movements here and there. Is there any reason for concern. If I was to do a kick count I don't think I would get 10 kicks in one hour but do get kicks all during the day at different times. It would be a kick here and there or a roll. Should I be concerned?


Katharine - May 12

I am starting to learn my baby's cycle. For instance, for the first hour in the morning, she does not move at all! After eating, she is super active. I am making sure to choose a times when she is normally active to do the kick count. I would think it is best to do the kick count at the same time each day, when baby is active (which is why many seem to recommend doing it when first lying in bed for the night).


Maddie - May 12

You're pretty far along now, and the baby is getting bigger, so there is less room to move around.


tina - May 17

the baby could just be facing in or you may not feel the movements. I was told if i don't get my 10 movements to try getting the baby to move and if i don't feel anything to go to labour & delivery just to be sure. I went last wed and fri because she was not moving they told me i did the right thing and to come the next day again if that was the case.


Sharon - May 18

You shouldn't be concerned , I was also worried about my babies movements , the midwife said if I can count 10 good movements a day then its normal, I haven't heard of 10 movements in an hour, that would be hard as the baby has wakeful and sleep times and as Maddie said as the baby gets bigger there is less room to move, I am 37 weeks and feel rolling mostly.


jen - May 18

:-) Have you talked to your doctor about the movements? See my first child moved like you are describing and she was healthy, with this baby he moves non stop. I know that every baby is different and as long as you are feeling him move that is a good sign. Have you tried sitting back on your couch with your bottom towards that end of the coushion? that always gets my little boy on the move.


kate - May 18

I'm worrying myself silly over my baby's movements. I'm 32 weeks and for a day or two there seems to be constant movement and then for 4/5 days next to nothing. My midwife said that the baby is growing well and the heart beat is very strong and a good speed but that doesn't seem to stop me worrying. On the quiet days nothing I do gets it moving. I've been told not to worry as long as I feel some sort of movement 10 times a day but some days the movement is so faint I can hardly feel it and end up thinking it's in my mind!!! I think I'll go mad with worry before much longer!! Another 8 weeks seems like a very long time to wait! Sorry I haven't been helpful Karen but just need to get that off my chest!!!! Any comments?


sara - May 18

I am 39wks and I went through the same thing. I even asked my co-workers if I jiggled my belly with my hands, shouldn't that make the baby move? They laughed but I was really worried. Turned out that the baby was just resting. He was always super active for days and he needed time to rest. I was also doing the kick counts in the evening when he was most active but my doc. told me as long as I feel him move 10 through the day then he was fine. I still get worried when it seems like he's not moving so I do what my doc suggested and that is to drink a cold gla__s of water and lay on my left side for an hour. If I don't count 10 movements within this time, I should go to the hospital.


Karen - May 19

Thanks for your responses, it is very helpful. I thought doing the kick count thing is 10 counts in one hour. I am now 36 weeks and I guess a worry wart. This is my first and I am very nervous about everything. This week the baby was moving like crazy on Tuesday, Wednesday slowed down a little and now Thursday the movements have been in the morning when I was first awakening to go to work and then I felt hiccups on the way to work and then nothing after that. I guess I worry too much. Thanks for all the advice.


Lisa - May 27

Hi I am 32 weeks and at my last midwife visit I was told I should feel the baby move 10 /12 times a day not an hour as the baby sleeps alot of the time hope this helps


Rosa - May 29

The same thing happening here, my baby moves alot one day, and the next day nothing. It gets me worried alot. Everytime I am about to go the hospital, there he goes and starts moving alot. I think maybe he doesn't have a pattern of moving yet. There are times when feel movement but very faint so I end up thinking it's just me. What do you think? I am 28 weeks pregnant.



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