Final Preparations What Am I Missing

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Tink - September 26

so i still have some time here, but i am type A and like to get things done early! lol......i am 34.5 weeks. i am goign to stop working at 38 weeks. what else do i need to do to prepare for baby? I've found a pediatrician, i've pre-registered at the hospital, i plan to pack my bag and diaper bag this weekend probably, nursery is almost done, will wash all the clothes/blankets in the coming weeks, will finish organizing nursery, clean house (might have carpets cleaned), will put together the pak and play, swing etc. Will put together the 'who to call' list, need to find first outfit for pics. what else am i missing- i know there is something! ;)


Pearl - September 26

Don't forget extra batteries for the digital camera... That's what I forgot with my son and I had to have my parents bring some when they came by.


inuk-mama - September 26

Car seat installed properly, you should be able to get it checked at the fire dept. Pre-made meals is a good idea if you have time to do a bit of cooking before baby comes then freeze it all into meal sized portions so you can just pop it in the microwave and not have to cook right after baby is born!


docbytch - September 26

Sounds like you have done a pretty good job. I have done everything you have described (now 37w1d) also. Make sure when you pack your bag you pack stuff for DH too. Unless you want him leaving you while you are in the hospital to get stuff. That's all I can think of


Mrs.Steve - September 26

Wow, talk about prepared! Can you come to my house and help ME? LOL I've done like 20 percent of all you've just named.


Buffi R. - September 26

This isn't something you need to do right away, but it helps......start looking on line for birth announcements. If you get your favorite all picked out in advance, you can order them quickly when lo arrives. You can order your envelopes early so you can start addressing them now. I like storkavenue dot com, add the w's at the beginning.


ahay - September 26



beagle1223 - September 26

If you have pets make sure you make arrangements for someone to take care of them while you are in the hospital. I have 3 dogs and I almost forgot about them! : )



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