Finally Had My Baby Girl Sparkles

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sparkles - April 10

So I finally had my baby girl after a frustrating last few weeks! She is so beautiful! I started having light contractions on the 4th around 4pm. After a couple hours they started to hurt a little. By 10pm that night, I knew that the contractions were different and a lot stronger than the ones I had been having over the last few weeks from my pre-term labor. I was at the hospital and walking the halls by 11pm. I dilated from 2cm. to 3cm. over the hour of walking. They started an IV (after four sticks!) and started running antibiotics, because I had been positive for strep b. I continued having mild contractions off and on throughout the night. By 8am. I was dilated to 4cm. and the midwife stripped my membranes. At 9am. she broke my water to help get things started. I really began feeling the contractions by 9:30am. (up until this time, all my contractions were pretty much painless in comparison) and they continued to worsen until I was 10cm. dilated at 12:30pm. I had requested an epidural around 5-6 cm., but wasn't able to get one because the anesthesiologist was busy doing multiple surgeries and c-sections. I pushed for an hour before my little Mandy Nicole was born. She weighed 6lbs. 7 1/2 oz. and was 20 in. long. I ended up getting an episiotomy because my muscles and all down south were so strong and toned that they wouldn't stretch to allow her head to come out. They wouldn't even tear! Overall, I had a wonderful L&D experience and would go natural again if my next one happened so quickly. I'm now at home recooperating and enjoying my little bundle of joy! B--tfeeding is definately a challenge, but I'm hoping to continue. My episiotomy is healing well and my abdomen only has a tiny pudge were the baby once was! Good luck to all you still expecting mommies. Don't be scared of L&D. It's not a fun time, but make the most of it and remember that it is over before you know it.


Tess - April 10

Congrats sparkles! I can't wait til its my turn (due may 19th) w/ our 1st and its also a girl. Right now Im getting really nervous and scared about L&D...I just hope that everything would go well and my baby is healthy and normal. Again Congrats to your little bundle of JOY.


krista-lee - April 10

thats amazing! i love reading peoples stories, it gives me encouragement to keep on keepin on : ] im due May 26th, im counting too, 45 more days. im hoping to go sooner though, feeling like im about to pop anyday. good luck! Mandy Nicole is such a beautiful name!


mstlot - April 10

hi sparkles... congrats... when was your due date


sparkles - April 10

Thanks, for the congrats! I wasn't due until April 23rd, but had pre-term labor at 35 weeks and that jump started everything to go early. Tess, don't be nervous about L&D. You'll be fine and it will all be over before you know it. It doesn't feel the best when your going through it, but afterwards it gives such a proud sense of accomplishment! Good luck!


meme - April 11

Yay sparkles! I've been waiting for your birth story! Awesome! And it's nice to hear that you'd go natural again. Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl! Maybe I'll see you in a few weeks over at the infant forum.


Tamisha - April 11

Congrats to you, we are both new mommies, as my little girl came on the 4th when you were starting labor!


Amanda R - April 11

Aw. Congrats Sparkles!! You had a great story and I appreciate you sharing! Best wishes on the b___st feeding...and WOW on the tone of your pelvic muscles. You go girl!


sparkles - April 11

Thanks! I'm on cloud nine right now! It's incredible how much you can love a little creature that you barely know! Best of luck to you girls! It'll be your turn soon. :)


SonicRose2003 - April 11

Hello and Congratulations Sparkles!!!! I am so happy for you that you are now able to hold your lil bundle of joy! I can't wait to hold mine lol. I have only 18 days left and well, went to the doc yesterday for appointment and found out that she has a__sumed the position now! Her head is down down down lol. So, maybe sooner than 18 days huh? Only time will telll! Best of luck to you and your new miracle!!!!!!


^lucy^ - April 12

wow sparkles million congrats to u on ur new baby girl its so cute to know that ur so much in love with her :) thats the sweetest thing i cant wait to hold my baby girl in my arms and look at her beautiful tiny figure :) she'll be our first too and im planning to go as natural as i can,, hope it'll go well as it went with u.. kisses to ur little angel and enjoy ur time with her,, babies are a blessing really!!



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