Finally Had My Little Man

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mom.2.5 - June 11

I just wanted to share my story because I'm so excited. I went to the dr. on 6-6-06 for my 38wk, my bp was up (168/98), so my friend is a nurse there helped me talk him into inducing. He already knew it would be large if I carried it to 40wks, so he sent me to the hospital at 6pm that night, started the cervidil at 8pm, which I had never had this, it pretty much worked on its own. I still hadn't dialated no more (1-2cm), when they put the cervidil in it started working, about 2am I was in pain, so the nurse checked me and I was 3-4. I got a shot of stadol and slept til about 5am and woke up & needed another shot, when she checked me she said I was 7cm and if I wanted an epidural i had better get it then. At 6am they turned on the pitocin, so after the stadol & epi. i went back to sleep and woke up at 8am fully dialated, just my luck my dr. had another lady come in at the same time fully dialated. So I held out til she delivered (10 min.) then in JUST 2 PUSHES he was out, my dh woke up just in time to stand & help me push. This delivery happened so fast it was unreal. I am so excited I just had to share. His name is Casen Rogue, he weighed 8# 12 oz. 21 3/4" long & all is going well, even the nursing, (although it makes the other kids jealous because they don' t get to feed him), hang in there all you that are miserable, do like I did just keep asking for induction, if thats what you would like. He (dr)said that if he'd known that it was already almost 9# he would have done it last week. Oh well I wouldn't had it any other way, except slower, I had no time to call everybody!!! gl


mommie2b - June 11

congrats to you!


lindsay - June 11

congrats!!! i love all these positive stories... enjoy lillte casen!! (love the name, by the way!)


mom.2.5 - June 11

thanks gals, you'd think this being #5 I would be like...OK but this was the strangest & fastest delivery I've ever had, my best friend was w/ me & dh and she was freaking. I think all my stories are positive because you forget the pain as soon as you see them, no matter how bad it hurt. hang in there then you can tell us your story, I already miss feeling his little squirming in my belly, he is just beautiful...I'm in love


Corrine321 - June 11



Tanna - June 11

Wow, 8 lbs. 12 oz at 38 weeks. Man that's large! Long too!


mom.2.5 - June 12

could you imagine if he had made me wait another 2-3 weeks? He would of been grown!!=)


Chrissythefairy - June 12

CONGRATS thank you for sharing your story!!! Casen is such a cute name.



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