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joeby321 - August 20

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to express my excitement as I am finally getting to come over to the 3rd trimester board! I am now 27 weeks but since I am a high risk pregnancy I will be delivering at 37 weeks so my scheduled C-Sections is on Halloween! I have been feeling a little bit better from the severe head pains that I have been suffering and my blood pressure is stabilizing a little more. I am still taking my Lovenox injections and my Folic Acid pills everyday. Other than that I am excited and can't wait to meet my little man. I hope you all are feeling good- give me some updates on how you are all feeling!


JNFR614 - August 20



caseyann - August 20

Hi Joeby321. Welcome!! I am also high risk and it sounds like on the same regimin as you. I do the Lovenox, Folic Acid, and a baby asprin every day. I am 35 weeks tomorrow, and I will also be delivering early, because of other issues that have arose, my fluid level is extremely low, my doc would like to get me to 38 weeks but says he thinks its just not possible. Anyway best of luck to you and again welcome to the Third Trimester!!!


joeby321 - August 25

Hi guys- I have a quick question. Tonight I started having these really uncomfortable on and off pains in my stomach and I am thinking they may be Braxton Hicks but honestly I have never had them and I just don't know. Do you have any idea?? Here is what they feel like.. They are happening quite often and lasting for probably a minute or so and what ever part of my stomach it is happening in is getting hard and is does kind of hurt. Honestly it almost feels like the sharp pains you get when you are constipated, but I am not so that is why I am confused, but it has been happening for about 2-3 hours and I don't like it =( I never had Braxton Hicks with my other pregnancies and honestly I have no idea what they feel like. I definitely don't want to call my Dr. because of all my risks they will probably admit me for "monitoring" and my kids all start school tomorrow so I really don't want that to happen-if I can help it. So any advice would be great. Thank You all so much.


joeby321 - August 25

Oh and I forgot to add that the baby is moving around like crazy every couple of minutes,kicking and I swear he is doing flips in there and he is never been this active at all.. I don't know if that is relevent or not.


stefkay - August 25

Hi, braxton hicks are usually that tightening with and without pain. My dr. told me that I should call if they happened more than 5 times in an hour or if they start coming at regular intervals (like every 10 minutes, etc.). You just want to be safe especially being high risk. I also was on the lovenox and folic along with baby aspirin and just didn't want to chance anything.


joeby321 - August 25

Thank You Stef- I was able to fall asleep shortly after I posted last night and today I feel nothing so thank goodness. If they happen again I will definitely call my doctors to just make sure everything is good. 28 weeks tomorrow!!!



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