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cindernar - January 22

Just wondering, does anyone else really ever get ahead financially? I'm just curious because every time I think I'm ahead, something else comes up and I have to wipe out my savings. I get so upset, and my husband tells me that everyone else has these problems, but they just don't talk about it. It seems like we're doing things right, but if that's the case, why are we always broke? I don't know. I'm just having a horrible day and sick of worrying about money. And pregnancy hormones aren't making things any better. Is my husband right? Do most people just keep their problems to themselves?


aliciavr6 - January 22

Oh man, I am horrible with saving money, and it seems I have too many bills to anyways and something is always coming up, we don't even really have a savings anymore. I build it up only to pay for something and start over... Never ends.


cindernar - January 22

Not that I wish this on anyone, but I am so glad to hear that others are going through the same thing! I just feel like such a failure sometimes! I mean, I finished college; I put away money in 401(k); I try to save money, and all I end up with are more bills! The minute I thought things were looking up for us, my husband gets this weird headache/numbness thing going on. Two MRIs and 4 doctors' visits later, here we are with a $900 doctor bill. Thank God for insurance; otherwise it would've been several thousand! We've made it a policy to not go live with our parents to get ahead like my sister and several of my friends have done, and look where that has gotten us! And we don't have rich parents who give us $20,000 as a down payment on a house (another set of friends) or freaking buy cars for us! Ughhh. So frustrating.


sahmof3 - January 22

We are going through the same thing. No matter how hard we work, there's always something... especially now with three kids. We had two in diapers there for awhile. Now we don't, but older kids can get expensive (bikes, swim lessons, sports enrollment, etc.). We are not big or frivolous spenders, either and dh has a good job... there are just so many things that come up! I've been stressing about this a lot lately. We were pretty much ok until gas and freaking insurance rate hikes!! I can't afford to put two kids in daycare plus one in after-school care in order to go back to work, either, or I'd do it in a heartbeat. So, I'm thinking of doing in-home daycare or taking cla__ses to learn med billing or transcribing to work from home. Gosh... it's all so scary and depressing sometimes! Sorry, I hope I didn't make you feel even more down by doing my own complaining... but I hear you... it's frustrating!


chrissi79 - January 22

Oh yeah, I know what you're saying darling! My hubby and I have been trying to get the last couple thousand dollars off our credit line but it seems impossible!!! and now i'm on mat. leave so we're lacking my full pay amount just doesnt' seem to happen! I don't know...


cindernar - January 22

No, not at all. Like I said, it's just good to know that we're not the only ones struggling. It's weird because on paper it looks like we make good money, but we still struggle. In fact, I think we had more spending money in the bank when we made half as much money! We can't really afford two in daycare as well, so we're selling our house to move into an old family farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere that we'll have to fix up, just so I can stay home with the kids. It seems like every thing we're doing to get our house ready to sell is just not working out. That money I had in the bank was for costs a__sociated with selling our house and moving. Now, I have no idea what we'll do.


goosifer101 - January 22

I have confidence that you will be fine. Things are obviously going to be a bit hectic but you seem like an intelligent person who keeps good track of their money. I mean just the fact that you had savings to begin with says that. So, whatever hardship comes your way you will be fine. I am single and pregnant and make to much money to qualify for any a__sistance, but I am just going to take it one day at a time. I have severed all ties with the "sperm doner" and will not be going after him for child support for the best interest of my child. But I am confident I can do this. If I have to eat peanut b___ter and jelly for a month, oh well. Maybe that will mean the next month I can move up to spaghetti ohs :) Just kidding, but you get the point. Anyways, keep your head up and good luck!!


Gretta - January 22

My husband and I spent the past year paying off our debt and building a little savings in preperation for me staying home after the baby. We really put the effort in but like everyone else there is always something, house taxes, emergency expenses, some hospital bill ect. Its hard and annoying. It is always something. I am worried about staying home and not having as much money. It will be a big adjustment.


Tammy276 - January 22

I think EVERYONE (unless you are rich) has money issues and is in debt....We just built a house, have a 2 yr old and are now expecting at the end of March and we are in debt.....People just don't talk about it because they don't want their family or friends to know that they are going through rough times. My husband makes some pretty good money at his job, works a second job, plus I work and we still struggle to make ends meet is difficult, but you will get past it.


vanja10 - January 23

cindernar - i think almost everyone is in the same boat.. for us, we started putting money away in investments that are locked, so that's not easily accessable. you'll have times when it's a good month and then some bills pile up the next month.. we were starting to save for a house and in november found out my husband's brother pa__sed away suddently and my husband had to go to africa.. we decided to get a loan from the bank instead of draining our savings. so now that he's back, we still have our original savings, but pay monthly payments on the loan. I think you should always have something saved in case of emergency, and don't let other 'little' bills worry you.. i mean, you just need the basics, rent, food, and hygene.. it's amazing how we're so used to have the luxuries that cost a lot of money. I know some of u live in big cities, but I'm in victoria bc, and having a car alone, costs us 700/month between car payments/insurance/gas, and that's something that we can totally live w/out. everything is within walking distance, if not, there are always buses.. :) but noooo we have to have a car... anyways, stuff happens!


cindernar - January 23

The problem is that every time I get a decent amount of money in savings, we have to drag it out for something. And we've managed to rack up credit card debt, although I can't look around and see what for. Interest rates have been killing us. I hate credit cards. I didn't even have one when we got married. But, yet, here we are, in credit card debt. My question is, why don't people talk about it? It seems like people are more concerned with making everyone else think they're doing so great financially. If everyone else is in the same situation, why is it so taboo? I guess I'm just sick of putting up a facade. Maybe it's just the people I'm around all the time.


lisa2006 - January 23

yes... we have these problems... it seems as soon as we have a couple thousand in the savings account something breaks.. We save a little each week but it takes so long o add up then ... something happens.. at christmas it was my hubby truck. $1068.00 later it's fixed. I talk about down sizing our house every other day! I would hate to sell my house i love it, but i get so frustrated and feel like it's the only way to get ahead. BUt then reality sets in an you realize that everything works out! Hang in there... things alway end up ok! It's just so scarey knowing that we have to pay for another person for the next 18-28 years! lol... Lisa Lisa


vanja10 - January 23

cindernar - i don't think it's necessarily the people, it's the companies.. They make it so easy to obtain credit nowdays and with so many of them going bankrupt, it's so easy to get that credit card, buy all of ur stuff, don't pay, go bankrupt and 6 years later, start all over again.... if u don't go bankrupt, then there are those nice interest rates. of course i'm going to lend you 1000 bucks when you're going to pay me back with 2000. it's just the mentality in north america (i'm from europe, but mind you, it's been a while since i've been there.. haha), but when you turn on your tv, all you see is ' don't pay till 2050', no interest on all purchases and that's how they get you... the trick is to have will power.. which most of us don't.. haha.. :) anyways, not to preach, but i've found that for me it works to have 1 credit card, and my max is $2000.. hubby has the same and that's it.. That way I know if I do max it out, my minimum payment is something like 60 bucks, so i know i can afford it... but credit cards should be used for something like emergencies rather than shopping sprees. anyways, that's my thought for the day, i know most of us are aware of this, the problem is now doing it! :) you can always cut them up or freeze them! :) But to answer your question, I think a lot of things here are materialistic and people would rather drive expensive cars, show off and then starve.. it's sad but true. Everything is measured by how much you do and how much you have..


cindernar - January 23

I agree, vanja. I noticed when I was watching TV last night that we are so bombarded with buy this car/item, etc. Eat here. Update your house this way. Get a mortgage from this place. Not that that is wrong, but it does make you feel like maybe you're not keeping up with everyone else. That's ridiculous, because comparing yourself to someone else is never productive. As far as the credit card thing.... I can honestly only think of a handful of "wants" that I've put on a credit card. Most of the time, it's a backup for when we have a bad month. Or when the air conditioner goes out and we don't have enough in savings (last summer) We live in Louisiana, and you cannot live without an A/C. Sorry for the long rant. I'm just having a rough week.


chriss - January 23

I also think that everyone has this problem to a certain degree, well sort of. My husband and I both make really good money, we own a house, one car, he is still paying for student loans (done in a year) but we live on a budget. We figure that if we stick to our budget, the minor debt that we have will be paid off by the time baby arrives (March 14th) and we will be practically debt free) I will have my full pay for the first six months of Mat leave and then employment insurance for six months after that, so we are in pretty good shape. I think it seems to be our (by our, I mean everyone in general) need to prove to people that we are doing well in life that gets us into trouble, The need for two cars in the driveway when one car would be sufficient. The need to wear the latest fashions and $300 sungla__ses or shoes. All of these things are so superficial (and I'm not saying that we shouldn't look good, but we don't NEED new clothes every month) if we just rid our lives of this way of thinking than you would be surprised at how quickly the debt could be paid off and you could actually start saving $$ I predict that by the time I retire, just with my current investments I will have saved over $500 thousand dollars and my husband will have at least that with his pension plan. It does mean sacrifice though, we have to really work hard at not eating out and trying to find things to entertain ourselves that don't always cost money, we only go on vacations every couple of years instead of every year. This is where the budget comes in, if you don't have the money for it, than it either doesn't get bought or get done! We have had to buy ALL of our baby stuff ourselves, with the exception of a few things from dh's parents, but we have spent probably $3000 out of our own pocket because we don't have alot of friends and family around! So I can relate with how easily it is to spend money, but we have been buying things since the beginning so that we didn't have to rack up credit card debt!


nanders - January 23

I think most people def keep their money probs to themselves!! afterall noone wants to spend all day with someone who complaines about money all the time! With the exception of a few I believe most people are struggling financially. It's so hard to get ahead and alot of people are literally drowing in debt!! I consider myself vey smart and lucky that I'm not one of those people with high credit card debt, student loans, personal loans, etc. I think the best advice I can give is to stay away from cash till payday loan places!!! I used to work in one and they are not there to help you as they say, they are there to get you caught in a circle of debt that is very hard to get out of! Also know your intrest rates on any debt you do have!!! Try to keep only one credit card for emergencies b/c things always come up and call to make sure you are getting the best interest rate possible, good is around 10-12%. most are around 20-30%, the same with loans and purchases! If you can't pay for it don't do the buy now pay next year yada yada stuff. IT's a trap. The only loans you should ever have should be thru your financial instution and be things like mortgages, vehilce or home improvement. I guess the most important thing is to live within your means, if you truly can't afford something don't buy it! When you can save!! Start an rrsp or 401k or even a reg sav account( high intrest the better). they say to strive for 10% of your income, but ya right!!! I do what I can even if it's only $20 a month!!! None of us want to work forever! Any honey things will work out!!! My family was dirt poor in money, and the richest in love!!! I remember feeling sad b/c other kids had more than me, but I always knew I was just as good as they were b/c my parents put my worth in who I was not what I had!! I almost think we are not meant to be rich while raising our kids so we can teach them the value of themselves, as well as the value of money and its place in life! All I ask is to live a comfortable life, food, shelter, bills paid, a hobby or two, and some savings for my retirement, and maybe a vacation now and then. I don't need to be rich to have a good life! IT's hard but know you are not alone in this, and really look at what you do have and how well you are doing now and give yourself some credit! Congrats on your wee one and all the best!



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