Finger Tip Dilation 20 Effaced

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Amanda N - March 17

I just went for my weekly visit to the doc. I am 33.5 weeks and he said I am 20% effaced and one finger dilated. Can anyone fill me on what this means? I know in general what it is but need more info. Is labor getting close?? One finger (tip) mean I am 1-2cm dilated??? Any info would help. Thanks


Billie - March 17

Your probably 1cm dilated and your cervix shortened a bit. I heard that people walk around for a while being 2-3cm dilated. I wouldn't worry though. I think that your body is just getting ready.


Allison - March 18

A fingertip is actually less than 1cm dilated. I was dilated to 1cm and 20% effaced with my first child for about 3 weeks before my water broke. This time at 34 weeks I am dilated to 3cm and 50% effaced with pre-term labor and am on bedrest. You probably have plenty of time.


Amanda N - March 18

When he explained it he said one finger dilated not the finger tip but I just a__sumed maybe he meant tip. If that makes a difference?!?


Jenny - March 22

I am 20% effaced and 1 cm dialated at 34 weeks and am on bed rest just like Alison. It sucks. Labour could be getting close but it really means nothing, there is no manual on this kinda stuff. You could be post-term in the end. Just take care of yourself and be good to yourself.


Vanessa - April 14

I am 34 weeks pregnant and when I was 32 I was told that I had dilated 1 cm, my doctor said not to worry because that does not mean that the baby will come early, it is a possibility just not for certain. Just try to rest as much as you can and try to cut down on your activities. It helps a lot trust me.


Allison - April 15

I've been dilated to a 3 and 50% effaced for the last 5 weeks. Don't get your hopes up, unless you start contracting.


Christina - April 20

My daughter is 33.1 weeks pregnant and 50% effaced and no dialation and she just received steroid shots and the doctor said she could go into labor at any time


EM - April 20

I'm 35 weeks and neither my doctor or midwife has checked it something routine they do? My first "invasive" exam will be next week at almost 36 weeks. I'm glad actually because it would probably just increase my anticipation of the big day.


Amanda - April 20

I just came back from the doctor today. "tip" means he can almost get his finger through your cervix. You have 80% more to go. You have to be 1/2 way effaced to start dilating and 100% faced to deliver. You still have a while.


Amanda N - April 20

So I have found out. I am about 90% effaced and 2cm...been that way for about two weeks.


MJ - April 28

I am 34 weeks with my first child and found out that I too am already a Fingertip dialated. I have been on bedrest due to preterm labor since 29 weeks and will remain there till delivery. Dr. said not to freak out about it unless my contractions get worse or my water breaks... So- pretty much we are in a watch and see ordeal- we could go next week or the next six weeks!!!



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