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Tara - August 7

I am now 27 weeks and starting my third trimester! I am so excited!! this is my first and I have so many questions- the baby is kicking all the time (which I love) but sometimes the kicking is REALLY low in my stomach- is this normal? Thanks for any help! Best wISHES TO YOU ALL


Ranya - August 7

Hi Tara, don't worry at all it's very normal...My baby kicks me in the cervix all the time :) Best of luck, soon we'll be kicked in the ribs too :(


miranda - August 7

Could be that the baby is still head up and you are feeling those wonderful little feet! I had that too, my baby didn't decide to turn until about 32 weeks. Then you get kicked in the ribs instead.


Tara - August 8

thank you both so much- I feel much better-When were other people able to feel the baby kick? I can see my stomach moving sometimes but the kicks are usually not that strong. Ranya-when are you due?


Ranya - August 8

I'm due October 28, I think I'm just a week ahead of you. I started feeling the kicks at about week 15 because I was very slim back in those days :) Now she's moving all the time, even my doctor commented on how active she is, I'm very excited she's our first as well!!


Jodie - August 8

Could be hands moving around down there aswell. Im 28 weeks along and i know my baby is head down from the constant kicks in my ribs but i always feel movement down low. At this stage you should be feeling every lil movement your baby makes


Lori - August 8

I'm 32 weeks and I she is very active as well. She does flips rather than kick... I can fell her doing full turns (so it feels like). I'm aware of the foot in rib...not comfortable. It is soo weird to watch my stomach when I lay down at night cause she moves around so much. You can actually see her moving from one side to the other.


Justine - August 9

Tara - I'm 27 weeks today, due Nov 8th so must be just behind you. It's so exciting to be in the third trimester isn't it! It's my first too and my baby kicks low down by my cervix all the time, esp. when I'm eating. He particularly likes anything unhealthy!. Whenever I go out for a healthy meal he only kicks for the mints you get at the end. When I go to McDonalds he kicks the whole time. I guess that's kids for you! Even when I say the word McDonalds he kicks! Mine also went through a stage of using my cervix as a trampolene.


Heidi - August 9

Mine kicks a lot in the morning at work and then like after a big dinner it goes nuts in there. I can't pinpoint any specific areas, it's almost all over and sometimes my whole belly sort of moves. I set the remote on it and it's almost knocked it off. It's fun to watch. My ribs ache a lot and I feel sooo stretched out! I'm only 30 wks! Due Oct. 21st.



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