First Child And Scared To Death

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jodylb0221 - January 17

this is my first child and i'm terrified that something will go wrong or something will be wrong with my baby. i have 4 1/2 weeks left and i wish my boy would come already. he is already in position and has been since week 30 and apparently he is measuring big. just wondering, how can they tell if he is big or not, we had a 4d ultrasound. and they say he measured big but friends of ours were told that the baby had to come out early cause he too was big, they had a c section and the baby was 5 pounds. which to me isn't very big. anyways does anyone fear the worst when it comes to birth?? thanks


Scarlet101 - January 18

Hi Jody - it's my first baby and Im scraed to death too! I keep having recuurring nightmares that something will either go wrong with the baby or with my partner and I'll be left on my own! I also just cannot seem to see past the labour - can't imagine having the baby with me which I think adds to my worries. Everyone keeps telling me that my bump is very big too (although the midwives seem to think everything is ok) I'm just a__suming everyone on the medical team is 100% capable of doing their job and trying not to worry about the actual delivery - more the bit afterwards when Im in charge! Im sure everything will be ok - it's just that we have time and pains to worry about until D-Day!


chiechie25 - January 18

I am 37 weeks with my 2nd child and it is perfectly normal to have these fears. They try to guess the size of the baby by measurements on the ultrasound and measuring your belly. Your belly should be the same centimeters as you are in weeks (if you are 36 weeks you should measure 36 cm). But you can't really tell how big the baby is until it's born. You could measure big because of how the baby is laying or you may have more amniotic fluid. Try not to worry. If all your prenatal tests have been normal I'm sure your baby is fine. I was scared that when I got my baby home I wouldn't know what to do. I think all first time moms have this fear. But everything will be fine. You will know what to do, it's our mothering instinct.


BriannasMummy - January 18

I had a baby on December 7th 2006. I too was told that my child was very very big and that she would probably be around 10lbs. They measured my stomach for fundal height.. they said i was about 2 or 3 weeks ahead of schedule. With and u/s they also showed that she was 2 weeks ahead of schedule. They decided at 39 weeks and 1 day to give me a c section.. she weighed 6lbs 4oz. They were way off.. she wasnt huge at all!! This goes to show you, it all can be inaccurate! Hopefully this might get rid of some of your fears. ~Kristin~


Tammy276 - January 18

ultra sound can be way off this late in the game to determine a baby's weight. It can be 2 lbs off either way..It is completely normal to have fears about your pregnancy and delivery and if everything will be ok after the baby is born. I think every pregnant woman worries about this kind of stuff



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