First Internal Exam 38 Weeks And In PAIN Now

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starlight_94 - February 1

Just want some opinions on if it is normal to be in pain after an exam. I am being induced on Sunday night, and although my cervix is soft it hasnt dilated yet. Is it normal to have bad cramps and an "achiness" between the legs and in my butt?? Anyone else have any input? I guess I am just worried that something isnt normal?? I mean I trust my dr, but this hurts! Thanks ladies!


crystal74 - February 1

why are they inducing you at 38 weeks?


mamagoose - February 1

I had an internal exam on Tuesday where the doctor tried (unsuccessfully) sweeping my membranes, and I feel really raw and sore down there (there was a bit of blood that day after the exam too). I already had cramps before that, so it sounds like we have similar symptoms.


starlight_94 - February 1

I am being induced b/c I am very small, and we dont want any complications with the pelvis... that was not the question though. 38 weeks is considered full term so I dont see what the big deal is( I will be 38 weeks 4 days). Anyways, I hope that this goes away, b/c I feel horrible. Thanks for the answer mamagoose!


Jenny - February 2

It sounds normal to me. Everytime I get checked I always have some pain, but you are further along than me so it could be the start of labor. Good Luck with the induction!!


MB - February 2

Hi starlight, i am 38 weeks too and when they did my first internal i was aching all day down there, from front & back !!! i didnt bleed though but found out i am getting induced on the 12th too (i am due on 17th) good luck to you on sunday !!!


melissap - February 2

Hi starlight, When I was preg with my 1st the afternoon after my internal I had horrible cramps and pain I sat on the toilet (TMI) for 1.5 days but I was actually staring labour with bad back labour, so I felt like i had to poop constantly and had bad cramps. Sounds promising to the start of labour. Good Luck and enjoy the whole experience



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