First Time Mommies Labor Under 6 Hours

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Jenn2 - May 12

I am curious as to how labor progressed with first time moms who had quick labors. I have a gut feeling that mine will be relatively quick, and I'm not just saying that b/c of wishful thinking. All the women in my family had really quick labors. My mothers first was 4 hours, and second was 2hours. I know its not a definate genetic thing, but I still get a gut feeling abou this. anyway, my question is how quick did your contractions come (as in how close together were they when you were say 6 to 8 cm dialated)? My mom said her labors were different than women who have long labors in that they started out strong and right on top of one another right after her water broke. Since I am trying to stay home for as long as possible before going to the hospital, I would love to hear how you knew where you were in labor based on the frequency of the contractions?


Been There - May 12

The doctor usually wants you in the hospital once the contractions are 5 minutes or less apart, steadily for one hour minimum.


Laurabb4 - May 13

I followed my mom and have had quick labors. Contractions came on pretty hard 1-2 minutes apart. 2 hours of hard labor. (4-10 cm) Pushed hour with first didn't understand the pushing idea. Pushed 3 times with 2 and 3rd. Good luck. I hope all goes smooth and quick for you.


mishy - May 14

I followed my mum and had a 2.5 hr labour first time. Turns out I don't feel contractions. My waters broke and I was checked and the midwife told me to push. No warning, no 'uncontrollable urge to push", nothing. The 2.5 hours was all pushing and intense pain. Luckily, I was already in hospital with my diabetes or I would not have known what was going on. I don't think you can rely on family history. My friend's family were quick-labour people and she went 24 hrs before an emergency C-section - she was disappointed because she expected something else. My advice is try not to have an expectation, just take it as it comes. My midwife had a 1/2 hr first labour and her second was 14 hours so you can't even rely on your first experience to judge your second! Its crazy what they do to us!!



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