First Time Mothers To Be Going Later Than Due Date

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1stbabyforme - November 16

I am due christmas day. I am measuring later and big, but the dr's are sticking with the 25th as the due date. Supposedly the baby weighs 6lbs already, estimated. Now if I keep gaining at least .5 a week, he'll be around 8 lbs? How much truth to it about first time mothers to be going past their due date? I know if I go past the 25th, I am going to be one miserable cranky woman. lol.


Jilloh - November 16

All I can say is every pregnancy is different. You may be early with one and 10 days late with another. You may gain 15 pounds with one and 40 with another. My DS was born on his due date but that was due to being induced because I had continual high blood pressure readings. If I had not been induced I would have went over and if genetics had played a role I would have never went over because my mother delivered all of us early (38 weeks-ish). My mother in law went 10-14 days overdue with 3 of her 4 kids. Good Luck!


josie4 - November 16

Both the midwife and I were convinced I would be late, but my little guy decided to come four days early (the midwife actually said he looked to be about 41 weeks). It seems like first-timers have a tendency to go late, but every woman and baby is different.


whatisgoingon - November 16

I am due on the 26th of december! Xmas babies, we got lucky didn't we!? :) This is my first and am expecting a little baby boy. Call me crazy but I have just had this feeling that my lo will not make it to his dd, and that he will come anywhere from 37wks to a few days prior to his edd. It's a normal healthy pregnancy so far, no complications etc so there wouldnt necessarily be a medical reason I would go early, I just have this gut instinct. I guess all we can do is wait and see hey? I hope I don't go over due either, but if that is the case, I am sure my lo will come when he is ready to greet the world. :) xo Good Luck with your labour and delivery sweety.


DDT - November 16

I was convinced I would be late (with my 1st ds) because at my 39wk check-up the doc said I was not dilated at all. They were estimating (just by feel) that he would be a 7-pounder. I ended up going into labour at 39w6d. And he was in fact born at 7lbs 4oz. When I was 35-36wks along I was convinced I would go early...but then when 38-39 wks hit I ended up changing my mind. Technically my ds was one day that is. Try not to feel too down if you miss your due date...just always remember that when your baby is ready (in every sense of the word) s/he will come out.


DDT - November 16

BTW my mother went early (36-39wks) with all her 4 kids. While my MIL went 2wks late with both her boys. I guess I was in the middle of that somewhere.


lil-miss-saunders - November 17

Well... i am a first time mum and i was due yesterday, still no sign of baby :(! If i havent had her by next weekend they are going to try a stretch and sweep which i really am not looking forward to. Fingers crossed she comes sooner. Good luck everyone x


DaBonkElsMe - November 17

Alot of first time mothers are wrong about the dates of conception and LMP, and that is part of the reason so many "go late." Of course, there are many who are sure of those dates and still go late. But I would venture to say that if you are certain of your dates of conception and lmp, you will likely be very close to on time. I am due the 10th, i am POSITIVE of my dates, and i have a feeling this little guy is gonna hang on until the week between the 10th and 17th. I don't know why, i just have a feeling!! I am 37 weeks on Monday and my doctor has not done an internal exam at all, she has not estimated weight or even told me if the baby has turned head down! So many women on this site have all of that info by like 35 weeks! I am glad she hasn't checked b/c it keeps me from getting too anxious.


mrssolo - November 17

I carried my ds for a full 42 weeks when they finally induced me. So thats two weeks past my due date. He was 8lbs. 3 oz He just was happy in there. But you never know.


Brendansmom - November 17

There really is no way to answer this!! With my first I was due 11/18 and from the beginning of my pregnancy I just knew I was going to go into labor on 11/11, and weirdly enough I did! So I went 8 days early. It really is different for each person and each pregnancy. I'm hoping to go early again this time. I'm due 12/23 and I'm thinking more like the 9th, but we'll just have to see if I'm right again. Hopefully you can make it to your due date so you can be home for Christmas.


AmberNicole - November 17

I had my ds at 36 weeks, my water broke and I ended up not dilating even to a 1. I'm 34 weeks with this one, and was in the hospital at 29 weeks with contractions 3-4 mins apart. I've been taking Terbutaline pills to stop contractions anytime I have them, now. My dr. said I can stop taking them and let this little girl come naturally when I'm 36 weeks. My ds was 6lbs1oz at 36 weeks and this one is measuring bigger than he was. I hope she comes early, I want my little bundle for Christmas:)


1stbabyforme - November 20

My due date was estimated by ultrasound., I didnt go by my LMP because if I had, technically I should have had the baby by now. But I am just really anxious, I am hoping to also have him here by xmas. My favorite holiday! 6lb baby at 34 weeks, big baby or am I further along than thought? His name is Landen, I cant wait!


sahmof3 - November 20

I went to 41 weeks, 6 days with my oldest. I went into a completely unprogressing labor on my own (my water broke in a tiny trickle and that was it... nothing else happened), so I ended up being induced... 24 hours later I was sitting at 1/2 cm dilated and finally had a c-section. I think he would have stayed in there forever. I was READY BEYOND READY for that child to make an appearance lol.


cayingo - November 20

My first baby was born at 36 weeks. I don't think they "expect" first timers to be late. Every woman and baby do things on their own time.


lily10 - November 24

I was due 7/1/07 and I had my baby on 7/4/07 but I started going into early labor on 7/1.



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