First Time Mum

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zoe - February 22

Hiya, first time mum here, and ive been doing alot of worrying lately im 8months pregnant on thursday...and im getting so close to my due date and i dont feel bump isnt big and i have no back pain what so ever..i dont feel out of breath and i dont use the toilet alot either...another thing thats worrying me is it says my babys around 18inches long and weighs almost 5-6lbs but i dont feel any of that weight and to think that shes 18inches my bump isnt big and i hardly feel her everything ok or is it just me worrying because its a first pregnancy?...i'd like some answers thanks


Kerry - February 22

Well all I can say is good for you I'm also a first time mom and I'm close to my date I've just reacently started with the back aches and now I'm getting a big bump! If the doc says all is fine don't worry You won't feel her kick that often as there is less room for her to move as long as you do feel movement at least everyday alittle don't panic.Every one carries differently and when It's your first they say that you don't always show as much I think I'm huge but people tell me that I'm not big at all.


zoe - February 22

yep i know people carry differently i get that jammed into my head because im always worrying..but its always nice to hear it from someone different hehe thanks for your in put kerry great help :) good luck to u xx


Christa - February 25

I am a first time mom as well. Im supposed to be due in a month, but i have already started to dilate and have lost my mucous plug so I don't know anymore. I have people tell me that they can't even tell I am pregnant sometimes. I guess some women just don't grow out much.


lilmama - February 25

zoe you are so lucky to be feeling so well! As we wemon like to say, size doesnt matter. I was like you with my first i went all the way to the end of my pregnancy with a small stomach, barely bigger than a basket ball. Much to my surprise, I popped out a nine pounder. If you are tall, your baby can stretch out more and you will not look as big as a shorter woman. I think everything is fine with your pregnancy. As long as you can feel atleast 10 kicks an hour dont worry- if not tell your doctor! Hope everything continues to go well for you and you have a wonderful delivery!



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