First Timer Almost In 3rd Tri Need Advice Guidance

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Christi - December 5

Hi... I am 19 years old... with my 1st baby. I am very very nervous. I am hitting 27 weeks this week... due early March. I am almost hitting the third trimester. I am very nervous and scared. I dont know what to expect. I was wondering if some of you ladies would like to shed some light on what I should be expecting the next three months? I have heard that the third trimester is the hardest... can some of you ladies elaborate on that. Tell me what to expect, so that when I get to it... I dont freak out and think I'm I want to know what I'm in for. I would greatly appreciate your replys... anything gross? uncomforatable? amazing? good or bad...let me!!! Please!


kate - December 5

Don't be scared - it's really not THAT terrible and once the baby is here, you amazingly forget all about it. For me at least, I felt like a whale. I'm already a bit overweight so that didn't help anyway. I couldn't bend down far enough to put my shoes on, shave my legs or pick too many things off the floor without having to squat. :) Sleeping is rough, but a pillow between the legs and a body pillow down the length of my back always helped. It kept me on my side. My b___bs ached here and there, and teh braxton hicks contractions didn't hurt, but oftentimes were quite umcomfortable. This might all seem like a lot of of bad stuff, but the body amazingly adapts so well to it. You get accustomed to just feeling a bit different, and you deal with it. I'd say I'm definintely more tired in my third trimester, but not as tired as I was in my first. And boy, when that baby gets bigger and is making bigger movements, some of them can just knock the breath right out of you! The first time I was preg. it was a bit harder, I think, because I didn't know what to expect. This time (I'm currently in my 3rd trimester) things are a bit easier.


J - December 5

It's not bad. I am 37 weeks & 4 days. My baby has dropped into place in my pelvis, getting ready for labor. That has made me have to go to the bathroom a lot more & have more discharge, so, I have had to wear a pad every now & then. I have DEFINATELY become more tired in the 3rd tri. than in any other trimester. My b___bs were leaking months ago...but not on their own...if I'm leaning against my computer desk they'll start leaking or put any pressure on them. My nipples have become more sore. My lil' guy has gotten a lot bigger and it's more uncomfortable to be big now. I can't tie my shoes (can barely put them on), can't wear any rings (fingers are swelling...I never had a problem with that until about 35 weeks). Things don't change much and like Kate said, your body adapts and they are usually slow changes that you don't even notice are happening. Don't sweat the small stuff. :) You'll be fine. Keep checkin' in on this's an awesome place and the people here are all caring and nice. Good luck!


Charity - December 5

Hey. I'm 25 and this is my first and I'm in week 33. 7 weeks to go. Well I do know that every woman and pregnancy is different. But some of the things I have experience, Lower and mid back pain. My left side and up in the ribs hurt and tingling which the doctor told me it was the uturas pushing up. My belly harding, in the v____al are is really sore like I pulled a muscle. Which the doctor said is my ligaments stretching getting ready to deliver. Also, my biggest advice to is used coco b___ter 2 times a day, and go by a maternity belt. Will REALLY help with everything stretching. It helps to hold up. Also, drink a lot of liquids. Getting dehydrated can cause contractons and I just had to go to the hospital Thursday morning b/c I got a bladder infection. So be sure to drink plenty of juice and water. Watch what you eat cause now girl you will start putting on the pounds. Get plenty of rest and keep those legs elevated. Cause he comes swelling. But through all the pain, weight gaining, and swelling just thing of what we have to look forward to?!! For me a beautiful baby girl.


Sacha - December 5

I'm 35 weeks. I just keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger. I run into this with my stomach because it's growing so much! I kick things iwth my feet because I can't see them! I stop shaving my legs because it got to be sooo much of a chore. It's more difficult to breath. I'm very very tired all the time. Some good things are that I have this wonderful glow to my skin and my hair is lustrous. My eyes look more green and sparkly and with the prospects of it finally being over I smile a lot more! I feel very fertile, alive, much more calm than I did the last few months. I feel full of life and excitement! So there are good things too!


Christi - December 6

Thanks so much ladies... its helping confort me to here how happy you ladies still sound!!! I am excited... I must admit I am ready to go ahead and pop my little one out... thanks for being so caring and giving me wonderful responses!


lauren - December 6

Hi, im 22 years old and expecting my first in 4 days!!!! I did't find the third trimester that bad really, except for trying to sleep. I can't find a comfortable position to lay in, even with 6 pillows and a body pillow!!!! The only other thing that i dont like is the fact that tome is going by sooooooo slow, it almost feels like time has stopped!! good luck to all you ladies and merry Christmas!!!


Ashley - December 6

Hi, Christi! I'm 23 and pregnant with my first, too! I'm due Feb 14th, so I'm only a little ahead of you. I think it is different for everyone. So far, yes, I'm a lot bigger, but the baby moving all the time kinda makes up for it. I can still tie my shoes, reach things on the floor, ect, it just takes me longer and I have no balance at this point! :) This is the part I feared when I found out I was pregnant, but just taking it one day at a time helps alot. I walk almost every day, too, and I think that helps take the ache out of my muscles. All in all, it's going better than I ever thought it could! ;)


Christi - December 7

I am glad to hear that you ladies have all had pretty decent pregnancys so far. I am starting to get that problem sleeping. It isnt so bad yet... but I wake up easier than I used to... and I wake up every two hours or so. I also wake up so thirsty.... I cant sleep in anymore.. I am up by 8am every morning... which I like having a full day... but I love my sleep too. This whole pregnancy I have been really achy. My stamach has cramped all the way through it... my back CONSTANTLY kills me... I dont walk mike maybe I should... I get spasms in my back when I satnd for too long... so walking scares me a bit. I cant wait for the baby to come! Yesterday made 27 weeks for me... I'm getting there... slowly but surely. Congratulations lauren... only a couple days left... youre so lucky!!! Whe did you ladies start feeling your babies move on a regular basis. Every once in awhile I will feel my baby move... but some days I feel nothing... normal? Ashley, are you expecting a boy or girl... or is it a surprise???


mj - December 7

im 19 and pregnant with my first, i am due today and it really has went by so fast, these last weeks are the hardest because you start to get really discouraged like you will never have the baby and its hard to carry around all of th weight, people can be a lot less than understanding too but it is too bad, its jsut fun to complain~


Lindsay - December 8

Hi christi. i will be 39 weeks tomorrow and am due dec.15th with my 1st, a little boy. i must admit i am soo tired most of the time. i usually cannot sleep at night and i too wake up soo thirsty. i usually take a bottle of water with me to bed and half way through the night i go to the kitchen for a refill. the only big changes i've noticed this trimester is that the baby takes up much more room and it is hard to move or even sit/lay certain ways. also walking has become very exausting. other than that theres not too much that i can notice besides weight gain lol. good luck!


Ashley - December 8

Christi - it's a suprise! My husband tells everyone who asks that we'll find out at the "9 month ultrasound"! :)



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