First Trimester Here 8 Weeks Prego And Not Breast Changes

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debbie80 - January 18

Hi! Congrats to everyone reaching your third trimester! I hope that I can get here in the summer! This will be my third attempt of becoming pregnant (I have had to m/c in the past) I am 8 weeks pregnant right now and I have not had any br___t changes or soreness? I have had two ultrasounds and we have heard the hb twice already...I am just a little nervous that everyones br___t changes or is sore in the first trimester and mine is not. When I asked my doctor, she didnt seem to concerned at all-she said to give it time. Do you think I should be worried or am I going to be a late bloomer?? Any help would be great!


tritty - January 18

everyone is different. if your doctor isn't concerned, i wouldn't be either. i had very little b___st soreness my first trimester (that seems like forever ago!). anyhow, i'm sure you're fine. good luck!


Gretta - January 18

I had no soreness either and also none of my pregnancy sysmptoms kicked in until about 9 weeks...Good luck!


mamagoose - January 18

I'm 38w 2d and I haven't noticed any changes from my pre-pregnancy days... I'm still the same size as before, no soreness, nothing. I think the biggest thing to keep in mind is just what Tritty said- that everyone's pregnancy experience is different, so don't worry too much about what's happening to everyone else! Good luck.


jayme2365 - January 18

I didn't have any soreness or any change in my first tri. But in my 2nd they went from an A to a C. they only started to get sore here in the last tri. My friend who is also prego is due in a month and hasen't grown or anything from the size she was b4 she was pregnant. so im pretty sure its different for everyone.


debbie80 - January 18

Thanks ladies!!! I guess I need to stop researching so much. I just want this pregnancy to continue so bad that every little thing freaks me out. I am so happy for all of you!! I cant wait to get to this trimester in the summer time! I wish you ladies the best and congrats on your babies to be born soon!!



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