Five Days Until I Have Madelyn And Im SICKKKK

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afireinsideamanda - September 20

what am i going to do? i feel AWFUL. i cant get in to see a dr so my ob told me that they were giving me azithromycin in case its a bacterial infection like strep throat... said if its a virus it wont do any good, but its the best they can do im having madelyn in less than five days! i cant be sick! i feel like death warmed over...cough, sneezing, sore throat, and my head just feels like a bowling ball... my throat isnt as sore as it was though... how in the world am i going to make it through labor and delivery feeling like this?? ive been taking the medicine, this is day two of it, but also been using the lozenges, and taking tylenol (sparingly...) my head is KILLING ME THOUGH!!!! how can i make my self feel better?? youd think the prenatals would give me enough to defend my body against colds and stuff????? anyone ever delivered a child while sick as a dog???


LN - September 20

So sorry to hear that! I can't imagine being sick and about to have my baby! I hope you start feeling better soon. Make sure you get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids. Good luck!


Rainbowbrite - September 21

I too am sorry you're feeling so ill. That can't be a good way to go into delivery and i do hope you feel better. My mom actually was sick though and her being sick is how she always knew she was going into labor. She would get vomit sick though and be on the delivery bed vomiting and trying to push the baby out and she said it happened every time she had us kids.. she had five babies.. So maybe you being sick is a sign you're about to go into labor on your own???? Keep us updated!


Pearl - September 21

That was the first sign of labor with both of my children....Are you sure your labor isn't starting? I remember with my daughter I had to take off work 2 weeks early because I had the most horrible flu and couldn't get out of bed. It was the start of labor. With my son I went to work anyway (knowing that I had about a week---if it was the same as my daughter). I spent the week before labor throwing up into a trash can and sleeping in the break room at work. lol I wasn't scheduled for maternity leave yet and I didn't want to push my job off on my coworkers.


sarah21 - September 21

I hope you feel better soon, or go into labor if that's what it is.


afireinsideamanda - September 21

well this is encouraging to read! thank you so much, for this little bitty glimmer of hope girls! i am feeling a bit better today thankfully, now that today will be day three out of five of my medicine...maybe this is my body telling me labor is soon??? hopefully within the next few days before im induced!!! i appreciate all your thoughts and prayers, as im really nervous, you all know! i cant wait to see what happens with your little ones, what they look like and read your birth stories!!! you are truly great women, and im fortunate to have stumbled across this little forum of some of the strongest women on the earth!!!! ps i guess it WOULD make sense to be able to get sick easier right before labor, as your body is preparing everything you have to help with labor and delivery right??so there cant be alot to protect you against sickness left huh?


KDR - September 21

OMG. I am so sick also and have been for almost 4 weeks. I have finally, I hope, gotten over a cold but I still have a terrible cough that won't go AWAY. I am having a c-section in 3 wks so I hope I am better by then. HOpefully the antibiotics will clear it up for you. How exciting for you- only 5 more days! Good luck!


afireinsideamanda - September 21

KDR thats awful, my god what kindo f sickness keeps you sick that long??? ive only been sick a couple days.... i hope that youre not when you have your god thats three MORE weeks!!!! ill pray for ya, if that means anything!!! four days unitl madelyn is here!



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