Florida Hurricane Baby Boom

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Jenn... - May 17

I was watching the local news yesterday and there was a segment on a "baby boom" in the area due to the horrible hurricane season from last year. My baby is one of the so called "hurricane babies", as he was concieved during this time. I guess we weren't the only ones trying to keep busy while there was no power around town. Anyone else part of this Hurrican Baby Boom?


Maddie - May 17

Hey, that's funny! My baby is due June 15th...I guess that would make him a hurricane baby boomer as well right? He was conceived in September, so that's about right. I live in Jacksonville, and it got really bad a couple of times with the wind and all. It's always a little exciting...


Lynn - May 17

I think its so funny how you can correlate things like snowstorms & hurricanes to baby booms. WHenever my husband & I come across a lot of people due around the same time we always try to count back and see if there was something going on around that time. Hope you fared well in the hurricane & good luck during this season-its supposed to be another bad one.


ES - May 17

Well I was not part of the hurricane boom but I did concieve on my favorite holiday- Halloween, There are more summer babier because more s_x is had during the holidays too. But who know coup us up and look what happens.


Lynn - May 17

I totally believe the summer months thing.. If you think about it, babies born in July & August were conceived around October & november - usually when the first cold snap hits & everyone is confined. Also probably the end of spetember/beginning of october because of the holidays & new years...


Erica Melendez - June 8

My baby is also due in june. june 24 . it was consumed september 17. Immagine 3 hurricanes no lights no tv. had to keep busy.:)


Jennifer - June 9

My mom always said more babies are concieved in winter from all the "snuggling" to keep warm


Lynda - June 9

I'm a birth registrar for a small hospital in North Carolina. We were hit last year by a couple of the hurricanes and I see a definate "boom" in births lately. Looks like some people found something to di!



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