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staci - October 2

So I had my 33wk appt monday and asked my dr. about getting the flu shot while br___tfeeding because I will have a new born during flu season and ds is in preschool. She said that they actually recommend it while pg during flu season and that it's totally safe in the 3rd tri. I am so confused! When I was practicing nursing it was only safe in the 1st trimester. I don't trust taking it while pg. Have any of you other ladies asked your dr.'s oponions on this? I have heard some of you say that your dr.s say no, just wondering if I should get a second opinion????


Tammy276 - October 2

I got the flu shot during both of my pregnancies. I know there is a flu shot that contains a certain ingredient like mercury that you are not supposed to get, but I don't even think the flu shots contain that anymore. My doctor recommended it during both of my pregnancies.


DDT - October 2

I got the flu shot last winter when I was pregnant. I was in the third tri. It was also recommended by my doctor.


emfine99 - October 3

I didn't ask about it, but I did see a sign at my last appt and it said "Pregnant and needing a flu shot? Please ask a dr for yours!" so I a__sume it is fine! I'm surprised!


January - October 3

At the hosp I work at, our patients have to sign a consent form stating that they are NOT pregnant before we can give the shot.


sarah21 - October 3

All the literature I have read recommends that pregnant women get the flu shot. I just got mine today, but I'm only 15 weeks.


sarah21 - October 3

Just found this information online at pamf.org The study found that during the flu season pregnant women in the third trimester were just as likely to be hospitalized for heart or lung problems as women with serious, chronic medical conditions who were not pregnant. The risk increased the farther along the pregnancy. Healthy women at 37 to 42 weeks gestation were almost five times as likely to be admitted to the hospital during the flu season for heart or lung problems as women who were one to six months postpartum. Pregnant women with asthma are at particularly high risk for hospitalization during the flu season(2). Because of these findings, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now recommend that women who will be pregnant during the flu season get the flu shot(3). The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) concurs with this recommendation(4). So check your calendar; if your pregnancy overlaps with the flu season (usually late November through March), you should get a flu shot. This is especially the case if you are in the second or third trimester (past 13 weeks) during the flu season.


staci - October 3

Thanks girls! That gives me a little more to go on to make my decision. I probably will, especially since ds is in preschool and likes to bring home illness's pretty often.


karenk - October 3

Funny, I just asked my OB this very question today. I am almost 37 weeks pregnant. He highly recommends it, says it will provide protection not only for myself but for the baby. They don't have any vaccine in the office yet though, so it is possible I will go into labor before I have the chance to get it. Good luck to you.


Cojeom - October 3

Flu shots still contain thermisol (mercury). You should read up on it first, but you are injecting a live virus with mercury into your body while b___stfeeding. Maybe you should just take your chances & wait until you are done with pregnancy & b___stfeeding till you get the shot. My obgyn was very clear with me, NO SHOT, not worth the risk to me while I am prego.


wantanotheraftertr - October 3

I was told not to take it in 1st tri but after that it is fine and the baby gets those immunitiys as well!



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