Flu Shot

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Sophia - October 24

Hey all. How many of you have taken a flu shot in your second or third trimester? I'm 37 weeks and haven't taken it yet. Is it necessary?


*T* - October 24

I have had my flu shot, 30 wks this week, and got it just last week. It is a good precaution I guess, but it is your body, some women dont care to have tons of things injected in them. Call your doctor and ask...


hi - October 24

You should really consult your dr, he may recommend it to you if you are high risk for getting it. I however would not get just because it still contains thermerisol and it the vaccine has a low effacy rate. That means its not always effective against fighting off the current form of the flu bug going around. My biggest concern would be the effect of thermerisol on the fetus, it seems no one really knows if it is harmful or not, so I wouldn't take the chance on something that is probably not going to be beneficial and has so many other unanswered questions attached to it.


Nicole - October 24

I would absolutely get one. Pregnant women are considered a priority for flu shots and since you are 37 weeks just imagine getting the flu this winter and bringing that home to your baby. I had my husband get one too - our baby is due this month. The amount of thimerisol is a trace amount and poses no risk to the baby. I have a friend whose son has autism and I have done much research on the topic, showing that there is no connection between that and autism, especially when only trace amounts are present in a shot. All other vaccines, as of 2001, should be thimerisol free. Talk to your doctor about it and they should be able to advise you further.


Angie - October 24

My sister got the flu shot when she was 36 week and got very sick from it. I had a flu shot about 3 years ago and was sicker than I had ever been from having the flu. I am now 34 w and when I went to the dr today, told them I didn't want it. It doesn't necessarily stop it.


Lesley - October 24

I'll get one when I've had my baby


LR - October 24

I will NEVER get another flu shot again in my life. The one and only time I got one, I ended up having an "episode" of Multiple Sclerosis where I had complete numbness and pain in the entire left side of my body. My neurologist confirmed that it was indeed caused by the shot. Since then, I have been diagnosed with MS. And yes, pregnant women are recommended to get it only if they are in their 2nd or 3rd trimesters. I have discussed it with my neurologist and ob and we have all agreed that the risks of what could happen again outweight the benefits for both me and my baby. I work in a pharmacy and are actually giving flu shots this week. And as posted, this years flu shot will only protect against one certain strand of flu (which they predicted last year). Keep in mind, there are many different kinds of flu that could infect us this year.


Cora - October 24

Th flu vaccine does NOT contain trace amounts of themerisol. It is still used as a perservative in this vaccine, vaccines that are primarily for children have had the thermerisol removed. ONLY those vaccines contain trace amounts of thermerisol (mercury). Mercury is know to be a nuerotoxin and the fetus may be especially suseptible, hence the warning not to eat much fish during pregnancy.


Michele - October 25

My Dr. was very insistent I get the shot, I am 30 weeks. I didn't get sick from it and felt fine. They say you can get really sick from it if your immune system is weak or damaged at the time. Who knows? I never had the shot before and didn't think it necessary, but the Dr. seemed to think it was imperative that I be vaccinated.


M - October 26

I had mine, my doctor highly recommended it.


Jess - October 26

You *can't* catch the flu from the shot, it's a killed virus. It's impossible. The live virus is a nasal spray which they will *not* give to pregnant woman. Anyone that claims different is wrong.


shelly - October 26

I will never get the flu shot just because the one time I did I got the flu about 2 months later. I never got the flu before I only got the shot because they were giving them at work, I got the flu anyways


Jessie V - October 26

I'm getting mine on Friday. I have also asked my husband to get one. Only because he will be in contact with a child younger then six monthes.


Kimmy - October 26

All of you whoa re uninformed about the flu shot and 'think' that you got he flu from it run a very high risk of bringing home an wful cold/flu and subjecting your babies to it. Not very bright ... suck it up, get the shot and if you DO believe that it will get you sick than its better you be sick once now than risk getting your baby sick with the various flus that will be going around this winter.


Sophia - October 26

Which flu strain does it actually guard against?


D - October 26

Here's a good website on this topic: http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm5441a4.htm This link says you should, but the shot only protects against one strain of the flu that was selected several months ago by a group of physicians who think it may be the most prevalant strain of the season. It doesn't protect you against all strains of the flu.


to Jess and Kimmy - October 26

Side effects of receiving the flu shot, can be fever and feeling unwell, which is probably what the people who say they got sick from the shot are referring to . You are correct though the shot given to pregnant women is not a live virus. Another very rare side effect of the shot is Guillain-Barré syndrome. Also Kimmy, they only GUESS which of the viruses will be prevalent during the upcoming flu season, they could be wrong. There are many strains of the flu virus and getting a shot for one or three of them does not protect you from the other strains going around.



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