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beth1975 - February 18

Has anyone gotten a flu shot this year? My Dr. tried talking me into it I turned her down but now I'm wondering if I should still get one. I made my other two kids get them this year.


Tammy276 - February 18

Yep. I got mine when I was early in my second trimester already....and so far so good, haven't gottensick. How far along are you? I mean flu season is almost over and it takes about 4 weeks for the flu shot to actually take effect.


beth1975 - February 18

I am 38 weeks but the health dept. told my husband flu season could go until May.


redhead125 - February 19

Got it in 2nd trimester. I also made sure everyone else in my household got it as well--this was not the time for the flu to be in our house!


lolita - February 19

I pa__sed on that and I haven't got sick, but I dont go out much, Im kind of a hermit crab! I would if I had to eat out a lot or worked around a lot of people.


candaceann1 - February 19

I know so many people who got the flu shot this year and still ended up getting the flu. I pa__sed on getting it.


KimS - February 20

I got mine too, in my 3rd trimester, doc gave me lecture since I was having a baby in flu season, and since they can't give the baby the shot, but if mom has the shot then the baby is protected for 6 wks after delivery.. He also insisted that my dh get it so that there was no flu in the house... so far so good.. and I should add that I am a huge skeptic of the whole flue shot thing but wanted my baby to have every protection posssible.


Faye84 - February 20

I got my flu shot in Nov. I think its a very good idea to get it. Im not sure about all the other states but here in Minnesota their have been 5 deaths just from the flu. Its VERY bad this year up here. I would be safe and get it.


conniebearzy - February 21

diodnt get one. 1) i rarely get sick 2) have never gotten the flu 3) dont go outside much 4)have a super immune system 5) prefer natural natural natural.


SaraH - February 21

Nope. Only time I ever got a flu shot was also the only time I developed pneumonia (they're guessing from it as the influenza strains are also what often cause pneumonia). My father also had a flu shot once a couple yr's ago and it is the only time he's ever gotten pneumonia as well. So...no I didn't get one. I don't want one, and honestly my OB -which I found kind of strange- never even brought it up, and as I don't want it I never brought it up either.


SaraH - February 21

Faye84, I actually am originally from MN and I'm sure if I were still there I would have had to argue w/ the doc about not getting it as it is standard to always get one there if you are pregnant. We moved last summer to ID though and it doesn't seem to be as big of a deal here as in MN. So, maybe that is why my OB never mentioned it, maybe it's not as "standard" here as there.


Faye84 - February 22

I was just giving my suggestion because the flu is very bad up here and seems as though everyone is getting it. this is my first baby so I dont know how "standard" it is to get the flu shot here while pregnant. When i went to the doc they just asked if I wanted one since I was already there, and I said yes.


maren - February 22

IM not pregnant anymore but i was pregnant this time last year i did not get the flu shot because everytime i have gotten the flu shot i have gotten the flu. Its up to you even with the shot there is no garantee that you wont get the flu because there are thousands of strains of the flu



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